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We've dedicated this page as a way to help you navigate your trip to France with ease.

What should I wear to the wedding?

The wedding attire will be semi-formal. For women, cocktail dresses (be sure to bring a wrap or jacket in case it gets chilly). For men, a suit and tie or slacks and a blazer.

What is the weather like?

During the day, the high will be in the upper 60's and low 70's. The weather at night will be in the upper 50's.

What are my travel options?

Please see the Travel Options tab for more information.

Where should I stay?

Please see the Accommodations page for more info.

What are some fun things I can do while I'm there?

For more information, please see the Attractions tab and visit the chateau's website to learn about the surrounding villages and cities (click on Location):

I don't speak French. How will I communicate?

Well, we don't either. But we also don't speak Portuguese or Greek and we have managed just fine. A good rule of thumb is to always be gracious and have patience. Some of our favorite travel moments have occurred when we stepped outside of our comfort zones and allowed the culture we were in to guide us. Also, if you learn a few choice phrases, your effort will be appreciated.

Where should I exchange my dollars to euros?

The best exchange rate is offered by retrieving money out of ATMs in France. The worst is offered at U.S. airports. For convenience, you can also exchange money at the airport where you arrive and some hotels also have this service.

Another important note: It is a good practice to alert your bank and/or credit card companies that you will be traveling abroad so they don't put a hold on your account. When you do so, ask them about any transaction fees you may incur.

What is the time difference, and how do I fend off jet lag?

France is six to seven hours ahead of us. The best way to minimize jet lag is to sleep on the plane ride over and stay hydrated. Noise canceling headphones, a good neck pillow and your sleeping pill/aid of choice are all recommended. Also, the food you eat on the plane tends to be rich in sodium and carbs, so some healthy snacks are usually a better option.


If you do not have a current passport, you should get one as soon as possible. Visit for all the pertinent information you need for applying for or renewing your passport.

Once you arrive in France, be sure to keep your passport and other valuables in a safe, secure place.

What are some good safety precautions I should take when traveling abroad?

France is a stable, modern country where there is little need to worry. However, there are some basic safety precautions that we recommend when traveling internationally: (1) Leave a copy of your itinerary and contact information with a family member or friend before you travel. (2) Do not wear conspicuous clothing/jewelry or carry large amounts of cash. (3) Remain alert at all times and don't leave your purse or luggage unattended. (4) Familiarize yourself with your surroundings before venturing out. (5) Use the buddy system whenever possible. (6) Keep your wits about you when using public transit or while visiting heavily trafficked areas, especially when geared toward tourists.

Can I use my mobile phone?

If you have a GSM carrier, such as AT&T, you will be able to use your mobile phone while abroad. Be sure to contact your carrier or go online to add the world roaming and data option for that month. Additionally, you can download the Skype app and place calls over WiFi for a low cost.

Or, you could use this as a good excuse to fully unplug from your life at home and immerse yourself in the experience (our preferred method).