Kat & Reg

Kat & Reg's Wedding: Updates

We'll notify you here of any changes we make to various pages.

Honeymoon pictures!

I've just added a new "photo gallery" for some honeymoon pictures, with captions.  Hope you guys enjoy them! Incidentally, if you haven't uploaded your photos yet to http://katandreg.shutterfly.com, please do -- we'd really appreciate it!  (The password is Reg's last name.)


NYC Bridal shower!

I just added lots of pictures from the NYC bridal shower... thank you so much to everyone who made it out; Reg and I had an absolute blast.


New shared websites and other fun

I just set up a shared website for us all to share pics after the wedding -- we'll give you info on how to upload pics and videos while you're at the wedding. Also, I added one of our engagement shoot photos to the front page.  THIRTY-THREE DAYS, people.  Reg and I are psyched.


Cleveland photos added!

I added some pictures from Easter Weekend in Ohio -- including exciting events such as:
- getting the marriage license
- the Cleveland bridal shower!
- the Cleveland bachelorette party!
- Easter egg coloring!


Added some photos

I added some photos from our engagement to the "Photo Galleries" page.


New "Ceremony and Reception" stuff.

On March 7, Katherine updated the "Ceremony&Reception" page to add more info about food, as well as the ceremony start time.  She also added one of her favorite songs by Lisa Ekdahl, probably playing right now.  (It's in Swedish: I have no idea what it means.  We've been trying to work it into the wedding some way but doubt that'll happen, so I thought I'd play it here.)