Rickey and Carolyn


So one Sunday at the end of church service, we were singing the last song. Then halfway through the song, this video comes on the 2 screens and it's RickEy dancing! They also set up this sheet and lights in the middle where RickEy was dancing live along with the video in this shadow dancing kinda thing. As I'm watching this, I'm like, "Aww...there's my baby!! Wait, why is he dancing at service?" And while I was thinking, our friend keeps pushing me up to the front, and I have no idea what's going on. Then RickEy gets on one knee, and I'm like "AWWWWWWWW". So RickEy proposed behind the screen, and all the people could see was our shadows. It was a private moment in a public moment, so we got to share it with a bunch of friends! Thanks everyone who helped out to make this happen!

Check out the Photo Galleries for pictures from the proposal. And here's the video that was on the screens during the proposal, while RickEy did the same dance live.