Ricky and Brittany

Our Story

How We Met

How We Met

Brittany was working in Globe's local pharmacy when a "good looking" man with a "Globe Hotshot," shirt walked up to the front counter to get a prescription filled. As Ricky walked away, I told my coworker how attractive he was and quickly checked to see his date of birth. :) Seeing that it said 1978, I wrote him off as being too old to be interested.
Months went by, and one evening as i was hanging out with my girlfiends and our newly found forest firefighter friends, we decided to have a house party since the "shots" were home from a roll for 2 days. As all of the engine and hot shot guys started to fill the house, getting ready for their Texas Hold Em' tournament, I recongnized Ricky immediately from the pharmacy but pretended not to pay any attention to him.
As the night went on, the guys were starting to get really rowdy and losing their money quickly, Ricky made small talk and asked me if I was the girl from the pharmacy. :) (I got butterflies immediately and felt my face get red since he had remembered me.) He then proceeded to ask me if I would sit by him as his good luck charm,,,,(Really?! what kind of a pick up line is that?!) I turned him down! (He still likes to point out that it didnt matter, he still took all of their money that night.)
This night was the very first night we had ever spoke and I was smitten by him. He was extremely good looking, charming and was referred to as "the boss" by some of the guys.Afterall, every girl wants the boss right? ;)

The Night Ricky Proposed

Christmas Eve 2011, is the evening that began this crazy adventure of wedding planning!!!
It is a tradition in my family, that my entire immediate family gets together at my grandparents for Christmas Eve. We eat, play games, open gifts and just spend quality time together as a family. We ALWAYS play the famous "white elephant" game, and it is a blast every year. We always know the first thing we do when we walk into grandmas house is draw our special number that will determine when our turn is. Without fail, a majority of the cousins have to know which number everyone got, and we even try to trade. (9 times out of 10, no one trades). This night however, was different. For whatever reason grandma was walking around asking for everyone to put their name in the glass bowl because her and grandpa decided to do a door price this year. (I knew something was up, because my whole entire life this has never happened!)
The night went on and we played our exchange game then Ricky and I presented my moms Christmas present to her. ( A really sappy and setimental dvd of her life.) She is really into the emotional gifts, and me and my siblings have an unspoken competiton on who can get the most heartfelt gift for our mom. I usually win. :)
With everyones eyes still slightly teared up, grandma announced we were going to do the door prize. Of course, my Uncle Allen took charge of it and just so happened to ask Izayah to draw the name. My name was drawn and everyone yelled that it was rigged but i still got the present. I opened it and found a used dog slobbered stuffed animal (totally serious) and a small box. I shoved the dog aside and opened the box, right then Ricky got on one knee and,( a little choked up) asked if I would marry him!!! For those that know Ricky really well, knows he doesnt like to get any attention around a lot of people. He is the laid back one that observes.
He made almost everyone in the room cry and it was the best Christmas I could've asked for!