Robert & Jess

Our Story

How we met, how he proposed, and more!

How we Met and Remet and Remet again

Robert and I went to high school together at Wisconsin Lutheran. I didn't know who he was, or that he was in my graduating class until the end of Junior year. In our senior year, our Spanish teacher, Chris Pluger, invited me to join the chess team, which Robert had already been on for the past 2 years. This is when Robert and I became friends. We played at practices, games, and tournaments together throughout the season, and had two classes together that year. Graduation came and went. I didn't really expect to see Robert again since we weren't that close, but God had other plans.

During that summer, I had decided to attend Wisconsin Lutheran College. At freshman orientation, I'm surprised to see Robert since I had assumed he was going to a school like Madison, but again, God had other plans. Not only did we end up going to the same college freshman year, but we also had our chemistry class together. We sat next to each other every day of that class and wrote notes to each other all the time. Sophomore year, he decided to go to UW-Madison and I stayed at WLC. He would visit his WLC friends that he had made freshman year. Every once in a while I would have a chance to see him again, like at state fair or a school dance, but it was usually once a year. Robert and I definitely communicated through facebook during this time as well.

After a few years of not seeing him and probably a year of not talking to him, I realized that I missed him and really wanted to see if Robert was the same guy I remembered. I started talking to him more frequently on facebook, (nearly a daily basis) and he decided to come visit "his friends" in Milwaukee. I had a great time with him and his friends and we started talking and seeing each other more and more. After 5 months of this, we believed we could make a long distance relationship work and officially started dating. A few months later he moved to Milwaukee and the rest is history :)

The Proposal

During the weekend of June 17th, Robert was really stacking up some points by going to a 2 1/2 hour long dance recital, cooking a stir-fry for me, getting me a Charles Dickens book that is part of a collection I have, taking me to a nice dinner at Carrabba's, spending the day with my family on Father's Day, getting my dog Molly a frisbee and playing with her, and taking care of me when I had a horrible headache after an exhausting day at work.

On Tuesday June 21st, I was in a great mood and I knew a thunderstorm was coming. When we were in Missouri last year we went on a walk near a lake during a thunderstorm, and we wanted to do that again. So on that Tuesday we bundled up and went for a walk down a road near Robert's apartment. It was pouring and there was a lot of lightning and thunder. While we were walking a very nice man pulled over to offer us a ride if we needed one. He must've thought we were crazy when we told him we were enjoying ourselves. As we continued our walk, Robert hesitated when we got to a bridge. Apparently he chickened out because we continued our walk. Robert started shivering with cold, and I was getting pretty cold too, so I suggested we go back. He said no and we kept going. We hit a dead end and had to turn around. At this point I started shaking as well. When we passed the bridge a second time, a proposal was the furthest thing from my mind since I was so cold. When he got down on one knee, my head exploded. I knew he was about to propose. He pulled out the box, which I noticed was from Rogers and Hollands since my dad had previously gotten me a ring from there, and told myself not to get my hopes up in case there was some other type of jewelry in the box. By the time I recalled that he was on one knee so he must be proposing, I realized that Robert was just talking to me. I thought he said "Jess, will you marry me" and he had such a scared look on his face. I stopped for a quick second and the words kinda replayed in my head and I said "ya" as quickly as I could so that he wouldn't have to wait. I still feel stupid about my reaction. :)