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Free-nup photshoot from W@W Ten-ten-te-10

March 20, 2009 - I had an appointment with Mr. Val Villarin for a trial hair and make-up. BEFORE: AFTER: Now with my HMU stylist... MR. VAL VILLARIN And BTW, its his birthday when I had my trial.. Lucky me!!! ======================================================================================= FREE-NUP SHOOT AT FERNBROOKS, ALABANG wahhhhhhhh... we came sooooo late that day.. As in 30 minutes before the event will end.. We really had a very hard time finding...

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My Wedding Gown

As early as last year I was scouting for my perfect dress. I don’t want to splurge too much on it. Sabi ko I’ll be wearing it once.. Yah, once in your life..
I shared this with my fellow w@wies. I posted it last March 24, 2009… And I got lots of comments and responses from them. I was thrilled, happy and at last contented..
Here it goes…
Hi W@wies,   Its now my time to share my wedding gown...

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My Wedding Bouquet

As I remember I got so sad/upset regarding this matter. I inquired to April and Karen Yu and they told me that they already have a commitment for an out-of-town event. It’s a relative wedding. :(
I even post this issue to w@w.. For others they might think I’m so mababaw (uy conio) but I really wanted to have beautiful flowers during my wedding. I’m willing to splurge on it.
Thankfully my co-w@wies gave me assurance and comforted me during this process (hahaha ang drama noh.. well...


the tale behind everything..

I admit, I’m not a good blogger..I think I’m the worst blogger in the whole world.. Then why am I doing this?! I just want to document every single detail of our wedding preps, moments of being single and the pressure of being a bride to be.. To share it with my fellow w@wies, friends, our family and my future kids..
What do I want to share?!!! Hmmmm let me think…Aha! I want to share my frustrations (on planning our wedding, our lives), triumphs (in...

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Prayer for Engage couple

From my co-w@wie Em ni Seph Posted on October 11, 2008 Lord,
my heart is on fire with love for a person you know and love. You
yourself enabled us to meet each other and brought us together. Thank
you for this gift, which fills me with deep joy, makes me resemble you
– for you are Love – and leads me to understand the value of the life
you gave me.
Never let me squander this treasure you have stored in my heart.
Teach me that love means giving myself and can...


Certified w@w addict

Posted at w@w e-groups September 11, 2008 10:55 am Hi sis and bro..
Share ko lang ung isang blog ni SIS DION MARGA M. MORALES last May 09, 2005... I kept this e-mail for a loooong time at ngayon ko lang siya binasa kasi feeling ko that time di pa ko w@wie :) Since madami na ding bagong w@wies i just want to share it with you..