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Talking about our Stag & Doe

We had a fabulous time on Saturday, thanks to a group of individuals for whom we will be eternally grateful - our superstar wedding party!! http://rymistri.blogspot.com/2010/07/anyone-else.html Check out my other blog! (I also suggest things like; 'following' the other blog so as to follow us on our honeymoon, and commenting on anything and everything because bloggers like...


The Invitations, they are out....

Well the title says it all, our invitations are out. Not only are they out in fact, but actually arriving at their destinations already. All of a sudden, for the first time in my experience, Canada Post is a picture of efficiency!
To this end, I thought I would have a little more time to update this page but apparently I was wrong. I will include new information throughout this website but to summarize what you need to know;
- Please...


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU!!

Here is my SUPER belated thank you post to all of those who planned, organized and attended our most wonderful surprise engagement party in February. I know this is EXTREMELY overdue and etiquette inappropriate but with all of the madness going on over the last month this was the quickest avenue to do so. So thank you and I’m sorry that I have had to resort to this, I promise I will make it up to all of you!
My fabulous maid of honour, bridesmaids and mom; threw us a...


It's time to get organized...

...and we're going to need your help! Please complete your contact information - http://spreadsheets.google.com/embeddedform?formkey=dEFZaDFvMzlKUnFKUWpGMVJxbDFScUE6MA OH! and tell your friends... You know the ones, they don't have facebook and they have better things to do than stalk the blog (their loss!!) :D

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Honeymoon is now entirely booked

(cross post - see link at bottom)
Rye finally decided that the time had come. That’s right folks, he was ready. ( a little rye commentary : It's not that I wasn’t ready. I told you…. "AFTER CHRISTMAS"… I am a man of my word!! )
This week we sat down and started putting some serious thought into what we would like to do on our honeymoon and where we would like to stay. We had ideas, but now we just needed a plan that was sure to work. We only had one place outstanding, and that...


Just checking in to say HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I know that I haven’t been around lately (most people have probably given up!) but I’m not totally MIA, I promise! Needless to say, the holidays were great, completely fabulous, but entirely too tiring and overwhelming. I have been busy, WE have been busy… but, while wedding planning was on a brief hiatus, it is not over, nor gone, by any stretch of the imagination. Today, Ryan and I spent a good, solid, chunk of time booking hotels for the honeymoon. Today we booked rooms in; Bellagio (...

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Cans for Comments 2009 - Let's get Charitable!!! Read on...

Well, without really noticing it creeping up, tomorrow marks the real beginning of the Christmas season. We have actually gotten a great head start on our Christmas shopping and other holiday prep, so now it’s time to make the holidays just as special for the less fortunate. Inspired by a challenge on the WeddingBells forum (hi ladies!), from December 1st through December 10th , I’ll be taking comments for cans!
The concept is a simple one - the deal is for every comment I...


Happy Birthday Ryan!

Tomorrow is Ryan's birthday but tonight we celebrated at my parent's since it’s Saturday and Rye and I don’t function well on ‘school nights’. My parents had us over for Duck Confit (requested, without realizing it, by Ryan and made by daddy) and all sorts of other fun stuff made by mom! Something I was really excited about though (in addition to the great dinner) was the chance to give him the cake I asked Julie of Sugar and Spice Bakery (see the vendors section) to make for him. I’ll...


Yay, the pictures are here!

I hope you have all checked out our pro engagement pictures by now, because if you haven’t you are seriously missing out! Vanessa and Matt Blick out did themselves with these amazing photos – they are truly talented.
I can’t wait to have Vanessa and another of her photographer colleagues from Sterling Images join us on our wedding day to add to our beautiful photo collection that we have just started!
  Drop us a line… let us know what you think!

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I’m excited right now….

Since I am newly addicted to Etsy, I am often found shopping around for wedding things, gifts or just fun stuff for my friends and family. Recently, I was trying to find something nice and special to use as toasting flutes and in browsing around found some designs I liked, but more importantly found some artists that I liked and started contacting people with my thoughts on what I wanted. I got replies from all of them, but only one screamed, ‘I want to make you happy’ – so, naturally, I...