Sarra & George

Welcome To Our Wedding Website!!

Sarra & George

Our wedding date: December 19, 2009

We are so excited about our Vegas Wedding!! We know it's not the traditional route, but we are so happy that we can share the experience with you online. We hope you will find the time on December 19th to visit the website for the Chapel of the Flowers and view our online wedding ceremony. Click on the tab for "Online Broadcast Details" for instructions on how to do that! Email me if you have any questions.

We uploaded tons of pictures and some of our favorite songs that have meaning for us as a couple. If you want to listen to the music as you browse the site, click on "Our Music" or at the bottom of this page where it says "Play Music While Browsing the Site" and a small music player will open up.

Wedding Blog - We are going to keep a running blog here on the site as we get ready for our wedding week in Vegas! We will also be updating the blog from Vegas with new pictures and information about the shows we went to see or what we did for the day. Please check back frequently if you're interested in reading about our trip! We leave for Vegas on the 16th and return home on the 22nd. Then, we'll head to Georgia for Christmas!

Our choice to get married in Vegas rather than have a big wedding back home was definitely not intended to exclude anyone, and we hope you will plan to attend our wedding online. Your love and support is extremely important to us! What can we say? We just couldn't resist the idea of spending a full week in Vegas, just the two of us, to celebrate the love we found in each other.

Thanks for taking the time to view our wedding website! Please feel free to look around, read our story, our blog, look at our pictures, and sign the guestbook!

All our Love,

George and Sarra

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