Scott & Wendy

Additional Dining Recommendations

So many places to eat! Here are some highlights to consider.

Jacques-Imo's Cafe

8324 Oak Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70118-2044

(504) 861-0886

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Cajun-Creole favorite for the noms.

NOLA Restaurant

534 Saint Louis Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

(504) 522-6652

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Though his television personality is what it is, Emeril's food speaks for itself. So Bam that!

Muriel's Jackson Square

801 Chartres Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70116-3206

(504) 568-1885

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A New Orleans favorite! And bonus points for being haunted!

Cafe Maspero

440 Chartres Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130-2102

(504) 524-8990

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Casual Cajun-Creole dining in the Quarter!

Cafe Du Monde

800 Decatur Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70116-3306

(504) 525-4544

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World-famous beignets (French donuts) and cafe-au-lait.

Cochon Restaurant

930 Tchoupitoulas Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130-3820

(504) 588-2123

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Located in the Central Business District, this is a great place to eat if you are visiting the World War Two Museum. No matter what, Chef Donald Link is worth a special trip for pork-centeric Southern dining.

Napolean House Bar and Cafe

500 Chartres Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130-2110

(504) 524-9752

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Get your history lesson, and it doesn't hurt to have vegan options!

Le Croissant d’Or

617 Ursulines Avenue

New Orleans, Louisiana 70116-3203

(504) 524-4663

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Feel like a tasty pastry for a delightful price?

Bayona Restaurant

430 Dauphine Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70112-3406

(504) 525-4455

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Genre-defying cooking from Chef Susan Spicer, with plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and food-allergy mindful cooking.

Green Goddess

307 Exchange Place

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130-2224

(504) 301-3347

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A constantly changing menu and a distinct inability to define the cuisine characterize this delightful New Orleans restaurant. There you will find both local and exotic dishes and drinks, though all are touted as delicious.

Verti Marte

1201 Royal Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

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Get your po-boy on at this delicious local favorite.

Slice Pizzeria

1513 Saint Charles Avenue

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130-4445

(504) 525-7437

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Do you neeeeeed pizza? We've found pizza to be hit-and-miss in the Big Easy, likely thanks to our Chicago tastes, so here's a solid recommendation.