Shameem & Jesni


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Oct 13, 2009


Joby Maliekal

Feb 16, 2009

Congrats and best wishes macha..

Sorry I was not able to make it for the marriage, but I will surely be there for the party u r giving at Bangalore oon return :D

Wish u a very happy married life

Mark Hornby

Jan 27, 2009

Wishing you a fantastic day and a happy and prosperous life together


Jan 27, 2009

An Irish Poem to celebrate your special day:
So what is love? If thou wouldst know
the heart alone can tell:
Two minds with but a single thought,
Two hearts that beat as one.
And whence comes love? Like morning bright
Love comes without thy call.
And how dies Love? A spirit bright,
Love never dies at all.

Ravi and Jereen :-)

Jan 23, 2009

Dearest Shameem and Jesni,
Wish you all the happiness in the World...Have a beautiful wedding and may God bless u both and give u lots and lots of kids ;-)
Love alwazz
Ravi and me ;-)

Priyank Yadav

Jan 21, 2009

Wishing you both a happy married life !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan 21, 2009

Hey, Congratz man. I'm sure your life will be even more exciting and wonderful after your marriage. Wish you all the very best for a happy married life. (and your wedding website..Rocks... :) )

Fayis KP

Jan 20, 2009

Wishing you a very happy married life .. may allah bless you...


Jan 19, 2009

Wishing best wishes to both of you.Have a wonderful married life.

Daria and Sebastian

Jan 16, 2009

We wish you both a very happy, and filled with love, life. Congratulations on your wedding!


Jan 16, 2009

All th best for a fine married life.May U and 'from u' be blessed.May He guides and makes u and 'from u' as the leaders of mankind.


Jan 8, 2009

Machan......Ellavarum Ninne congrats Kondum best wishes Kondum Moodukayane.... Enikkathine Kazhiyilla, Karanam Njan Athrakkum Krooranalla... Ivar Ee wish Cheyyunnathokke Enthinane Enne Ee Maasam 31st Kazhinhal Nee Ariyum..... Chirikkanullathokke Ippo Chiricho, Karanam Chiriyum Kaliyum Okke Nikkum... Anubhavathinte Velichathilaada Ee Parayunnathe......Welcome to this new club..All the best...


Jan 7, 2009

finaly you also fell in the trap...

Rahul Save

Jan 7, 2009

Hi Shameem..
Hearty Congratz for your wedding. Best Wishes & Blessings to you and Jesni for your Married life ahead from me and my family.

Sanjeev Yadav

Jan 6, 2009

Congratulations to both of you. Wish you both a very happy marriage life.


Jan 6, 2009

Hi Shameem, This is the first Time i have seen a really good approach to present the invitation online, hats off to your work. Wish you a Happy Married life


Jan 6, 2009

Wishes shameem, :) finally you got the company, enjoy and have fun.


Jan 6, 2009

shami, congratulations, may allah bless both of u
-frm riaz othayi


Jan 6, 2009

Congratulations Man....U both really rock..May God bless both of you......and this website is really amazing....


Jan 6, 2009

Shameem, Congratulations! May Allah bless you both with all happiness of a fruitful married life..

Sajeer Babu

Jan 6, 2009

To Both of you,
Allah may bless you...
Wish you a very happiest married long life.


Jan 6, 2009

Hey...congratulations !!! both of you..god bless you both !!!

sahi mei.. extra ordinary love story in every jodi !!! :)


Jan 6, 2009

prayers with you always......

David K

Jan 6, 2009

May God bless you abundantly and wish you wish you all the best
cheers happy moments.

David , Kavitha & little one - Sherwin


Jan 5, 2009

My hearty congratulations!. My wishes for a Happy married life!


Jan 5, 2009

Hey Shameem, Jesni is beeeeautiful... U 2 really look made for each other...Wish u both the very best in life... and a Very Happy Married Life...


Jan 5, 2009

Hi Shameem, This is truly the best form of invitation that i have seen. Absolutely fantastic. Wish you a very happy married life. Have great fun.


Jan 5, 2009

Hey Shameem and Jesni,
Congratulations to both of you.Jesni i must tell you that shameem is a very good dancer and most important he is a v v good person at heart..God bless you both with lot of happiness :):)


Jan 5, 2009

Hearty congrats and wish u both a Happy Married Life.....Sweet and Wonderful couple :)


Jan 5, 2009

Hi Shameem,
I wish all the very success for your future endeavour.God bless you.


Jan 5, 2009

Wishing you both a


Jan 5, 2009

Wish you both a very very Happy Married life!

Mahesh Ramalingam

Jan 5, 2009

Dai shameem, you never told me about your love... may be because I dint ask you about it...
tats ok buddy.
All the very best for your marriage life.

Charley Edward

Jan 5, 2009

My hearty marriage wishes for this wonderful couple. This is a good masterpiece of invitation.....


Jan 5, 2009

wow...something new...gr8....Congrats!

Niranjan & Shubha

Jan 5, 2009

You both are made for each other .. Congrats and Wish you a happy married life.. :)


Jan 5, 2009

Helooo Shameem,

Wish you a happy married life.. enjoy your life to the fullest possible :) With all my wishes and prayers.
I wont be able to make to your marriage as I am now out of India.


Jan 5, 2009



Dec 21, 2008

hi sweet jodi,thum dono ka love story tho ithna khubsoorat hai ki kabi kisi ka nazar na lage ,,i will always pray 4 u ......jeejuu u r great ur work is marvelous.,,,,,,,