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Rab ne Bana di jodi


An Ordinary SE

Shameem K Shoukath born as the first child in a muslim family of Shoukathalli and Suleena Shoukathalli on 13th March 1982. Since father has been working in Saudi Shameem spent most of his childhood days in Grandma's house.Being born as the first grandchild, in Mother's side, Shameem grew up with lots of love from mattemma & Vappa (Grandma and Grandpa) and rest of family.

After completion of Technical Higher secondary, Shameem joined Model Engineering College to lay foundation for his childhood dream 'Become something in Computer Science field'. And now working as a Software Engineer (SE).

An Ordinary SE !!


An Ordinary Doctor

Jesni Born in a muslim family as the first child of Prof. Saidalavi and Jamila at Permintalmanna, Malappuram. Jesni, being the first grand child from both Father's and Mother's family, grew up with shower of love from uncles and aunts. Obviously that made her a bit fragile and naughty :). Jokes apart, She is really sweet, absolutely brilliant and fun-loving.

After completion of higher secondary education from Perinthalmanna, Jesni now became a graduate from Trivandrum homeo college.

An Ordinary Doctor !!

Ordinary meeting of an extra ordinary pair

The Meeting (Pennukanal)

The bright morning of May 9, 2008 was very much special in both Shameem's and Jesni's Life. It was just like a very typical marriage proposal meeting aka PENNUKANAL. However due to many reasons both Shameem and Jesni were not much comfortable to go with an arranged marriage. The meeting went just as normal however deep in Shameem's heart someone was murmering that 'She is the one for you'. Similarly Jesni who was totally not ready for starting a married life got into a state of dilemma. She started asking so many questions to herself after the meeting with Shameem shaken her heart very drastically. After common routine inquiries both families wanted to go ahead with the relation. However they left the final decision to Shameem & Jesni.

All dilemma got into an end on May 19 2008 when Jesni conveyed her consent for marriage through her father. Truly at that time both Shameem and Jesni were not sure about whether this gonna be a love affair or just a marriage. Don't feel strange, believe me,it happens; there are a number of marriages happening without love at any stage of their life.

All for sure there was some force in b/w Shameem and Jesni which was making them believe to go ahead with the relationship. As Shameem had to leave on 24th May back to workplace both families wanted to fix the engagement on 21st May followed by Valayidal ceremony (Bangle ceremony) on May 22nd. After engagement Shameem returned to workplace on 24th May.

So far an ordinary orthodox muslim marriage bits and pieces with not much unusual things. The story takes a turn when Shameem & Jesni started talking over phone to know each other.

Love ; Two souls with two hearts that beat as one

Love blossoms

"There is an Extra Ordinary Love Story in every Jodi"

As said earlier Shameem had to return to work on 24th May 2008 and as per plan the wedding will be after long 6 months which is sometime in Jan 2009. Being in a feeling of sacrificing concepts and dreams about marriage, at the beginning Shameem and Jesni was not comfortable to each other and decided to be friends to begin with. Both promised to be friends and share whatever each one thinks to be right to share.

Shameem started calling her from the very same day he joined back to work. As they became more close friends Shameem got introduced to Jesni's best friend Sainaba aka Seenu. As days passed by Shameem and Jesni became more comfortable to each other and started sharing more. The growth of relationship was truly exponential when they realized the most amazing fact that they had been through similar kind of mind set, outlook towards life, tastes and above all love requirements. Oh !! that days were truly full of excitements and surprises, slowly both of them begun their journey to wonderland. The similarity ranged from they way both brought up to the way both chose their friends, the way of thinking and outlook towards life. However there are few differences due to diversity of experience and exposure changes expected for a boy and girl.

The resemblance in character and attitude started developing a respect to each other. Oh !! the beginning of beautiful days of life. Time and days passed by ,everyday they have something to talk and share each other. The extend of sharing increased both become so comfortable to each other and the duration of talks lasted hours. Sorry, forgot to say something very important. During this period at some stage the respect and depth of friendship made a big change in them. They started feeling a need for each other. Jesni started waiting enthusiastic for the time Shameem calls her. Shameem being busy all day with work it was big relief to talk with Jesni and ease up his mind. The time Shameem leaves work in evening is midnight for Jesni as they live in different timezones.

Despite of the time zone inequalities and mood differences, they talked, talked hours and hours. Without knowing themselves both started changing themselves gradually. Shameem started learning Jesni well & good meantime Jesni started enjoying the shelter and security in Shameem. Both were so happy in realizing the fact that Allah made them meet and made them pair.

Gradually the relationship was taking its turn to LOVE. Both of them were similar type of personalities that they can't hide anything from each other. And of course both were so open and broad minded to accept each other completely. This openness increased the strength of their LOVE (oh! such a great feeling). Both feels so relaxed when hearing each other. Now both are so comfortable in building a meaningful life and the days left in front to the marriage are becoming a neck crushing pain. They have already became one soul and counter part of each other. The official ceremony is only for the rest of the family, for them they are already Husband and Wife. They have started counting down to the day they going to meet again. Jan 23rd Shameem coming on vacation from work for marriage.

Inviting all of you to join the officially ceremony of two soul becoming one, so called Marriage on 2009, Jan 31 Saturday. To participate and bless the love of the jodi.