Sheldon & Dana

Our Story

It all started on that magical night in Bricktown...

A Magical Night in Bricktown

a tale of love, barbeque ribs, and the Bricktown Canal

by Sheldon

I guess I'd mentioned a few times when I was lingering at the circulation desk that I sort of though the girl in the planning office was cute. That's probably why Mary, the circulation clerk that was friends with the cute girl in the planning office, was acting that way. It was a Friday and since I had to work on Saturday I was off. I lived in Norman at the time, but I was running errands in the City and stopped by the library to show my friend Reagan a book of 3D pictures of naked girls that I'd mentioned the day before, and then go to Friday night dinner with a few people from work. When I walked by the circulation desk to get to the back room, Mary stopped me.

"So, you're going tonight, right?" She seemed oddly antsy.

"Um, yeah I suppose," I responded, "I have to go run some errands and stuff first."

"But you are coming back though, right?" she asked.

"I guess," I answered, slightly suspicious. I had an idea as to why she was acting like that. I hoped the hints I'd been dropping were paying off.

I left to go to Wal-Mart or the tattoo shop or to do whatever errands I'd had that day and then returned to the library. I met with Sharon, Ajax, Reagan in the library and we walked out to meet the others, Mary, Brandi, Brandi's fiance Nathan, and another person that wasn't part of the Downtown library staff, the cute girl in Planning.

We all got on the trolly bus thing and rode it to Bricktown to wait for our free ride down the canal. The air was crisp and cold and Bricktown was bustling with people waiting to take a ride down the canal, go to dinner, see a movie, or whatever else people do in Bricktown. I think it was pretty obvious to everyone there what was going on, as even the ones that hadn't discussed the plan made sure that Dana and I sat next to one another on the boat. Of course, we hardly said a word to one another on the boat.

After the boat ride, the party moved to Earl's where Dana and I took the last two seats, conveniently right next to one another. Not wanting the entire night to be as awkward as the boat ride, I decided to talk to her. It was a lovely chat. As it turns out, not only was she cute, but a very pleasant young lady that was into guys with tattoos. Yay for me!

After dinner we went to catch the trolly back to the library (at which point Ajax injured himself chasing down the trolly). We all walked to the parking garage, Mary, Dana, and I behind everyone else. I decided that if I didn't say something then I might not say anything at all ever.

"Hey, it's still pretty early," I said to Dana, "do you want to go to McNellie's and get a beer?"

"Sure," she said.

Not wanting to be rude to Mary and not wanting Dana to think I was hitting on her just in case she wasn't interested, I asked if Mary would want to join. I was pretty sure she didn't even drink beer, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to talk to Dana some more.

"Okay," Mary said, and off the three of us went for an hour of small talk and beers. Oh well, at least I got to talk to her a little more and the crowd had thinned a little.

When we returned to the parking garage, I got a minute alone with Dana as we walked to our cars. I was pretty excited when she gave me her number. I went home to go to sleep, already planning on calling to ask her out the next day.

As an interesting side note, when I texted the next day to ask her out to a movie the following afternoon (I was at work and didn't want to call) she responded by sort of blowing me off and saying she was busy. A couple minutes later though, I got another message back saying she'd be able to do something in the evening though. We went out for sushi, had a great time, and the rest is history.

Everything Else

because that's a tough story to follow.

by Dana

After that "magical night in bricktown," I was so happy to have finally talked to the guy I had a passing crush on since the first time I saw him at our staff development day at work. I anxiously awaited a call from him the next day. I was at my parents for Christmas when I got the text. I did a happy dance in front of my mom and my cousin Stacie when I answered that I would love to go to a movie the next day, but wasn't sure I would be home yet. After his defeated reply, I figured I should explain that I could go to dinner later in the evening.

Our first date was great. I had never had sushi before, so it could have been a horrible night, but I liked it and had a fun time. After that night, we had a couple of other dates. Sheldon cooked me dinner. We went to the movies on Christmas day. After that we were pretty much inseparable and we decided to be an official couple on New Year's Eve of 2008.

2009 was a great year! Sheldon I have had so much fun getting to know each other. During the summer, we discussed marriage and knew that we wanted to be together forever. In September, we went ring browsing. I picked out a ring, but really didn't think I would be getting it any time soon.

The next weekend, we went to my parent's house and Sheldon asked my father for his blessing (while my father was cleaning his guns). Gun in hand, he said yes. Sheldon knew I would be expecting a proposal now so he did the most unexpected thing, he proposed on the following Monday.