AC Pacific

AC Pacific Queen Size Pure Memory Foam and Latex Mattress, Two Tone Design, Queen Size, White/Black

AC Pacific introduces a pure memory foam and latex mattress that has been designed just for you. Created with dimensions that are hard to resist, this mattress has measurements of 60" x 80" x 10" and has a total weight of only 78.7 lbs., it is without a doubt that this mattress will easily fit in your bedroom to provide you with the comfort that you are seeking while not taking up too much space. This mattress has been created from latex memory foam with CertiPUR-USing while not taking up too much space. This mattress has been created from latex memory foam with CertiPUR-US Certified foam and wrapped in a quality polyester fabric to present you with a mattress of quality and durability that will be in your home for many years to come. This mattress has a comfortable design and appeal because the natural responsive properties of latex help provide optimal support while the memory foam provides you with comfort that will help you get a restful and refreshing Queen night's rest. This is a practical and worthwhile mattress choice, the latex and memory foam helps to ensure proper body circulation throughout and provide you with the best possible support to make sure you sleep in comfort and wake up relaxed, energized and refreshed. Since 1995, AC Pacific has been a leading manufacture in furniture. Creating beautiful and accent décor, it is a worthwhile and practical addition to your home. Enjoy the comfort, style and elegance that any piece from AC Pacific brings to your home. Enjoy something of durability and style that is affordable and long lasting and enjoy something from AC Pacific. There is no wrong choice with a quality brand and manufacture like this. Purchase with confidence and begin to enjoy your lovely home addition for several years to come. read more