Sequel Compact Desk 6003 by BDI, Walnut, Back Panel, No Thanks

Product Options: Back Panel: No ThanksColor: WalnutSequel Compact Desk by BDIdesigned by Matthew Weatherly BDI Sequel Compact Desk At A Glance: A sequel to the Sequel that's not quite the same Sequel. Got it? Smaller, more manageable in more spaces, and just as effective for simple office work. The Sequel Compact Desk is great for smaller spaces. A smaller version of the Sequel Desk, the Compact Desk can be configured for left or right-handed users, and the desk parersion of the Sequel Desk, the Compact Desk can be configured for left or right-handed users, and the desk partners perfectly with the Sequel 6007 Low File Pedestal and other Sequel components. The single-level drawer can hold oversized keyboards and includes wire management slots in the back for rechargeable items. The desk includes a tilt-down inside panel providing easy access to wall connections while keeping all wires out of sight. See the entire BDI Sequel Office collection. What's To Like: The hidden keyboard that pops out of the desk can be configured for both right and left handed users. The innovative "privacy screen" on the front of the desk is also a handy organizer for all the various electronics cords that plague the modern workspace. What's Not to Like: If you're looking for a big desk, or an office center that gives you plenty of space to operate, keep looking - perhaps at the original Sequel Desk. The Bottom Line: The Sequel Compact Desk is practically the exact same design as the original Sequel - it's just not as wide, and therefore more adaptable to multiple office spaces and space restrictions. If you need a high quality desk but you don't have the space for a more formidable form, this is the desk for you. The Sequel Compact Desk is shown here with the optional back panel, a cord-hiding second panel that encases all the cords with a second magnetic panel. The Compact Desk only comes with the front "modesty" panel, but you would really only need the back panel if you were using the compact desk in a setting where it does not face the wall. In the end, it's definitely up to you whether the Back Panel is necessary as it's not required to make use of the desk itself. Features: Multifunctional Desk Drawer The Sequel Compact Desk features a recharging area in the back of the drawer. This drawer has wire retention slots to hold the cords of your rechargeable devices in place when the device is removed. There, these normally cluttered cords and cables remain hidden until your various electronic devices need recharging. Sequel Office Desk Drawer Internal Power Strip Housing No more unsightly, tangled power strip on the floor. With 4 extra-strength magnets and adhesive padding, the BDI Sequel Compact Desk holds any power strip fast to its internal steel structure. This unique system keeps power strips out of sight, but easily within reach should you need to change your power cords at a moment's notice. Sequel Compact Desk Power Strip Placement Integrated Cord Management Simple tilt-down panels built into the desk hide all cables and cords. If the desk is placed against a wall, the Sequel's back panel can be removed to reach wall outlets. Sequel Desk Panels Micro-Etched Glass Surface Textured glass top provides a clean, smooth writing surface. Tempered glass can be cleaned with a simple glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth or with a "Magic Eraser" (ask for it your local drug store). Sequel Desk Glass Top placeholder The Sequel Office collection also includes the: Sequel Desk Return Desk Peninsula Desk Bridge Desk 3-Drawer Cabinet File Pedestal Tall File Pedestal Lateral File Cabinet Lateral Storage Cabinet Multifunction Storage Cabinet CPU Cabinet read more