Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera (Smokey White) + Shiny Star Film (10 Sheets) + Tripod + Accessory Bundle

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera is a fashionable and compact option that will perfectly suit your style. You can take gorgeous portrait and selfie photos with this miniature camera.Extreme Close-UpsA close-up lens adapter allows you to capture shots as close as 35-50cm away from the lens. Explore your creativity with the added option of macrophotography. The camera is perfect for taking photos of insects and other smaller creatures and objects.Brightnhotography. The camera is perfect for taking photos of insects and other smaller creatures and objects.Brightness AdjustmentThe Mini 9 camera automatically scans the environment to determine the ideal brightness setting, then immediately lights up on the corresponding lamp. All you need to do is rotate the brightness dial to the light indicator to achieve the perfect lighting for your surroundings.High-Key ModeAchieve beautiful soft-focus effects without the need for a lens or filter. The Mini 9 camera’s High-Key mode creates a softer impression than other settings for smoother edges, and is ideal for portraits and headshots. It can be accessed by using the brightness adjustment dial.Great for SelfiesThe Mini 9 camera is great for selfies even without a front-facing camera. Designed with a small mirror next to the lens, you can turn the camera on yourself to preview what your selfie shot will look like before you take it. The mirror next to the lens allows you to achieve the perfect angle for a selfie.Easy to UseThe Mini 9 camera will allow you to create a photo album in no time with a simple, easy-to-use system. Just hit the power button to turn it on, and then adjust the dial to your preferred picture setting and you are ready to shoot. The Mini 9 camera prints your image in only seconds so you won’t even have to develop the film.Shiny Star FilmPreserve your memories with an explosion of color and starbursts with the Shiny Star film. It provides high image sharpness and a versatile ISO 800 film speed for use with a wide range of subjects. It is compatible with any Instax Mini Camera and Instax Share Smartphone Printer.Focus Camera Deluxe 8-Inch Table TripodThis table tripod is the perfect way to get up close with your subject for clear and crisp photos. It is suitable for product photography of small items, but its three legs can extend up to 8-inches high to accommodate many different scenarios. The 180° tilt head further increases your photography capabilities by letting you orient your camera at the angle you need to get the perfect shot. read more