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The Guide to Buying Men's Wedding Bands

Now it's his turn to say "yes" to a ring. With the help of Oscar Winter you can create the perfect men's wedding band for your future spouse online.

The New Trend in Men's Wedding Bands


There was a time when "the ring" was all about the bride. Blame tradition or a gap in the market, but a wedding band is a symbol of love and a reflection of personal taste—both of which matter to the modern groom.

Thankfully, the industry is catching on. Retailers are expanding their selection of men's wedding bands in response to a growing interest in sophisticated styles that are smartly sourced. The best part? Men don't even have to set foot in a jewelry store to pick out their wedding band! Thanks to brands such as Oscar Winter, you can find the most luxurious, ethically sourced rings online.

Granted, most of the facts and figures out there are geared toward women's engagement rings—cue the "4 Cs." But men have more options than they might realize. Not sure where to begin? Here's what you should consider. Don't worry, no more Cs ahead.

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The Men's "4 Cs"



Well, maybe there's one "C," but this one's easy enough. The band should fit into the groom's lifestyle—not the other way around. "When deciding on a wedding band, men should consider their career," says the design team at Oscar Winter. "A man who works with their hands would likely gravitate toward a more practical wedding band, whereas a Wall Street executive might consider a ring with diamonds."


The width of your groom's wedding band will depend on his personal taste, but you'll also want to consider proportion and price when selecting a wedding band for your future spouse. Heftier rings are going to come with heftier price tags, as more metal is needed to make them, whereas thinner rings will generally be more affordable. First set a budget, then shop around to see how you and your partner feel.


Oscar Winter offers platinum, and 18k white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. If your future spouse is in need of an extremely durable wedding band, then platinum is your best bet, as it is more dense and durable than gold and also requires less upkeep than other metals. However, if your partner prefers the look of traditional yellow gold or the uniqueness of rose gold, both metals are also strong choices and look super sleek. A traditional bride might pick matching his and hers wedding bands, whereas a more modern bride would likely gravitate towards something unique for her groom. Either way, it's important to select something that will work with his day-to-day wear. If all his watches, cufflinks, and tie bars are yellow gold, for example, would he feel comfortable with a platinum wedding band? No matter which metal you select, Oscar Winter is an online retailer known for exquisite style, quality craftsmanship and value.

Finish and Texture

Finish refers to the texture of the metal. There's high polish, matte (which is less reflective), and hammered. For the best of both worlds, opt for a combination finish. A modern way to play with the finish of a wedding band is to consider a motif or engraved pattern to create a unique yet still timeless design. "Men's wedding rings are becoming more decorative," says the design team at Oscar Winter. "Today, men's wedding bands feature diamonds, mixed alloys, unexpected metals beyond just platinum and gold, and more texture."


A center stone may not be the tradition for men's wedding bands as it is for women's engagement rings, but there are plenty of other ways to make your groom's wedding band unique. One of our favorites is engraving your wedding date on the inside of his band. This ultra-romantic detail adds the personalized touch that will make his wedding band that much more special. And it's another other reason we love You can add an engraved detail to any ring - his, yours, or both!

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