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The Millennial's Guide To Picking An Engagement Ring

As societal norms continue to be challenged, it's no surprise that the modern-day bride has a bigger say in the search for her perfect engagement ring while wanting it to be as exquisitely unique as she is.

The New Normal


Gone are the days where tradition rules the engagement ring game, requiring men to make a solo visit to a stately brick-and-mortar shop in hopes of finding the perfect diamond. Though Dad likely had a tough time nailing down his final selection, it wasn't often that a bride-to-be could really have a say in what her dream ring would look like. Thankfully, today's bride knows a thing or two about balance and so whether it's picking an engagement ring or the ceremony music it's an equal partnership.

Nevertheless, engagement rings are proving that they can keep up with the changing times, from evolving cuts and stunning settings to custom crafted dazzling diamonds. Mom may have had to settle for Dad's idea of chic, but luckily the millennial bride will know she's getting exactly what she wants, thanks to the experts from Oscar Winter's online custom design shop.

Because today's brides are doing things a little differently than their mothers and grandmothers, modern-day milestones tend to be rearranged while there is less emphasis on the strict societal norms of the past. And due to brides having more say in the engagement process, more couples are turning to the Oscar Winter brand for those dreamy tailor made ring designs, advice from jewelry experts, and a seamless online shopping experience.

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Greater Expectations


While modern brides do respect the legacy of heritage brands, they tend to have a more independent sense of style and hold a high expectation of diamond ethics. Social consciousness is more important now than ever, so brides appreciate brands like Oscar Winter that only provide diamonds and precious metals that are responsibly sourced and guaranteed to be conflict-free...

The modern-day bride also knows a thing or two about efficiency, so they're calling for a streamlined user experience right where their scrolling fingers and tech-loving eyes have become most comfortable: online. Oscar Winter allows the luxury of designing a custom engagement ring entirely online and with the help of a certified diamond expert and style guru—so you know you're getting the highest quality. Just like so many other aspects of life, millennials are able to bring the engagement ring shopping experience right into their living room—and it is no secret that it's a phenomenon taking over the engagement sphere.

The experts at Oscar Winter cater to the need-it-now mindset of the average millennial as well, so rest easy knowing the custom design of your dreams will be made just for you and delivered in three short weeks, complete with a lifetime warranty and option to return or exchange even custom designs in 30 days. By being able to expertly tailor the engagement ring shopping experience, Oscar Winter is proving to challenge the norms of traditional wedding etiquette by offering the engagement ring and wedding band custom selection process of the future.

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A Ring Of Her Own


As the selection process itself has seen a shift, engagement ring styles are evolving as well. Forget the mundanely mass-produced diamond rings of the past, because the trend is moving toward customized personal designs with sophisticated details. From the exquisite uniqueness of the solitaire options offered at Oscar Winter, to the intricate detailing of the brand's gorgeous pavé bands—the opportunities are endless for creating a ring as unique as the bride-to-be.

"It's a delicate balancing act to find an engagement ring that reflects your style, is unique, but also timeless.," explain the experts at Oscar Winter. "You should be looking for a design that will stay with you for the rest of your life, but still has a discrete detail that gives your ring its own subtle personality. Find a ring that is both original and classic, like the Oscar Winter Signature—a six claw solitaire design that has an intricate detail around the setting of the round brilliant diamond."

The bottom line? Times have most definitely changed since Mom & Dad's engagement. Couples today want more customization in both the design process and the buying experience, and a seamless digital shopping experience. Though your wedding day is the most important day of your life, your rings will be with you long after the reception ends. Choose a design that is timeless, unique, and simply yours.

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