Royal Engagement Rings—Get the Look for Less!

If you're dreaming of Princess Diana's iconic sapphire or Meghan Markles' triple diamond but don't have access to the royal wallet, then you're luck! We've rounded up our favorite look-alike engagement rings so you can feel like a queen without the hefty price tag.

Meghan Markle wearing her ring with three similar yellow gold rings below photo

Meghan Markle's Three-Stone Engagement Ring

On November 27, 2017, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement in the beautiful setting of Kensington Palace. Immediately, everyone noticed the three-stone ring gracing Meghan's left finger. Ever since, jewelry companies have been adding similar styles to their collections. Although the nearly 6-carat ring can't be duplicated (the two side stones come from Princess Diana's own collection), you can still find some similar pieces. The main points you want to cover: three stone, cushion-cut center stone with round side stones, and a yellow gold band. Here are our top picks for less:

    1. Featuring a cushion-cut center diamond and two small round stones on the sides, this engagement ring from Zales resembles Meghan's ring beautifully. There are a few differences of course, but if you prefer vintage over modern, then you're sure to love it. Its twisted band adds a delicate touch while the 5/8 total diamond weight keeps the price affordable. ($1,999;

    2. If you love Meghan's piece but prefer a round shape (also known as brilliant), then this engagement ring from Helzberg is sure to capture your interest. The center stone swaps out the the cushion diamond with a round option to fit your taste. Together, the gems equate to about 1.5 carats, giving you the royal sparkle without the $200,000 price tag. Wondering what band to match with it? Stay tuned because the couple ties the knot on May 19, 2018 and their bands are sure to give you some inspo! ($3,999;

    3. Not only can you say, "He went to Jared," but with this next engagement ring you can also mention how he chose a royal-inspired piece—no one needs to know how you helped. Everything down to the combination of cushion and round stones to the yellow gold band match Meghan's ring to a T. The main difference: the diamond weight. Whereas Meghan's ring is about 6 carats, this duplicate is about 1.3, making it more affordable. When it comes to appearance, this ring is definitely the closest to Meghan's look, so if you've got your heart set, you may want to drop your future fiancé a hint. ($5,999;

Kate Middleton wearing her ring with three similar sapphire rings below photo

Kate Middleton's & Princess Diana's Sapphire Engagement Ring

When Kate Middleton and Prince William announced their engagement in 2010, rumors sparked. The sapphire ring looked very similar to Princess Diana's; was it the actual iconic piece or did William have a similar one created to honor his mother? We got our answer: The ring is indeed the same piece Prince Charles gave Princess Diana. After she passed, Prince Charles allowed his sons to choose heirlooms from her possessions. Originally Prince Harry had the 12-carat sapphire and William a gold Cartier watch; however when William told his brother of his decision to propose, Harry traded the ring, showing his support of the marriage. Although her lace-sleeved gown was breathtaking, the silhouette of Princess Di's ring was one of the top wedding elements sought out by brides-to-be. You can find several duplicates, but here our favorites that will also fit your Prince Charming's budget.

    1. The must-have feature of any Princess Di ring duplicate: an oval sapphire with starburst diamonds surrounding it. That's exactly what you get with this engagement ring from Zales. Unlike the 12-carat sapphire, this piece has about 3/8 total diamond weight, which helps keeps the price lower. Not to mention its 14K white gold band is a beautiful and cost-efficient replacement for platinum. ($1,479;

    2. Like the other options on our list, this engagement ring also features an oval sapphire surrounded by a starburst of round diamonds. Unlike the other options, this ring comes from Brilliant Earth, a jewelry company that focuses on offering conflict-free gems only, so you can feel confident your stones are from a safe (and ethical) place. Plus, it comes in 18K white gold, one of the highest-quality metals for engagement rings. ($3,840;

    3. Here's our favorite part of this engagement ring from Angara: Everything about it is customizable. He can pick the quality of the sapphire, change the carat weight, and even select the metal to best fit his budget and your style. Our recommendation for matching Kate's ring: a best-rated sapphire weighing 1.15 carats with a platinum band, which is the strongest metal for jewelry—an excellent choice for a lifelong ring. ($4,769;

Queen Elizabeth wearing her ring with three similar white gold rings to the side photo

Queen Elizabeth's Round Engagement Ring

We know Queen Elizabeth has tons of jewels—hello, she's the QUEEN—but among her tiaras, precious stones, and diamond brooches, the one she almost never takes off: her engagement ring. It may not have the large diamonds the other royals have, but the Queen's 3-carat solitaire platinum ring means the world to her. The stones, which date back to the end of the Romanov dynasty, were from Prince Philip's mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg. Upon hearing her son wished to propose, she gave him her diamond tiara (a wedding gift from her husband) to help him create a ring fit for a queen. Philip worked with a London jeweler to create the solitaire ring with 5 pave diamonds encrusted on each side—talk about your something borrowed! He also had a bracelet made, but for our purposes it's the ring that steals the spotlight. If you've got your eyes set on the vintage masterpiece, then check out these similar pieces which capture the regal style of Her Majesty's ring.

  1. Another selection from Brilliant Earth, this engagement ring captures the beauty of the British monarch's piece so well that we have to wonder if it was modeled after it. Featuring a round center diamond surrounded by pave stones, it's one of the closest as far as resemblance goes. It may only have three stones on its sides instead of five, but its Art Deco-inspired band makes this a unique ring that's fit for a queen. ($1,250;

  2. Like the queen's, this engagement ring from Ritani also comes in platinum. In addition, it has the similar cut with a single round stone surrounded by smaller diamonds; however, its design differs as the band has more intricate details. If you're looking for something similar but still feels unique to you, then this ring is your answer. Pro tip: The price is for the setting only; be sure he picks out a gorgeous diamond, too. Keep inclusions (clarity) in the VVS-SI1 range and color an H or above for a high-quality stone. ($1,930 setting only;

  3. A little pricier than our other options—but hey, it is the Queen—this engagement ring from Macy's is a stunner. Crafted of 18K white gold, it features a round-cut center diamond in a four-prong setting surrounded by small diamonds in a channel setting. This beauty also has tiny diamonds on the front and back, letting it sparkle from every angle. All in all it carries 1 carat total diamond weight—not as much as Queen Elizabeth's, but equally as precious. ($7,000;