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The Rise of Online Engagement Ring Shopping

Because the best shopping is the kind you can do in your sweatpants, with a glass of wine in hand.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


We get it. You don't have time to waste on a fruitless trip to a jewelry store overstocked with mass-produced pieces. You'd rather have a streamlined experience—and plenty of one-of-a-kind options—right where you're most comfortable: online.

It's no secret that the Internet has completely revolutionized the wedding industry. Today's brides choose their vendors, shop for bridesmaids' dresses, order invitations, and register for gifts all with the click of a mouse. Why should shopping for an engagement ring be any less convenient? Online retailers, like the esteemed Oscar Winter, have risen to the challenge, offering the most coveted styles and highest quality diamonds. Here's how to navigate the brave new world—and get the ring of your dreams.

Online retailer Oscar Winter offers an extensive variety of engagement ring possibilities with their custom design services that you can begin creating today!

Find a retailer you can trust.

Security used to top the list of concerns about online shopping, no matter what you were buying. Nevertheless, in an age when you can order clothes, electronics, and even groceries with your mobile device, it's time to embrace the electronic route for engagement rings as well. A few basic rules to safeguard yourself from potential scams:

1. Ensure the website is an established business with a secure, buyer-protected payment portal (think Paypal).

2. Triple-check the returns and warranty policy. One of our most trusted sources, Oscar Winter, offers complimentary ring sizing, warranties, and returns or exchanges within 30 days or delivery if you aren't pleased with your purchase.

3. Consider the customer service. A reputable retailer will offer some kind of support like the Personal Jewelry Advisors at Oscar Winter who will guide you through determining your ring size and even send out a ring sizer if you're not sure of your size. Now that's customer service when you want it—and zero pressure from hovering jewelry store employees in the process.

Rejoice in the choices.

Everyone knows the pain of going all the way to a store and feeling frustrated at the lack of options. Instead of getting frustrated at the jewelry counter due to not finding what you want, stay home and do the shopping from the comfort of your couch. Shopping online means having endless options at your fingertips with seamless efficiency. Go ahead and spread those selections out on the computer screen and see everything at once—the price, the authentications and certifications, and the 4 Cs. Will it be that classic solitaire, the shimmering halo, or the pear-shaped diamond on a rose gold, pavé band? Compare and contrast before clicking to buy.

You've selected your engagement ring, now find it's perfect pairing with an Oscar Winter wedding ring today!

Make sure it's well-made.

Think this will be tricky since you can't inspect the ring in real life? Think again! Online sites make it simple to see every zoomed-in angle of the ring giving you the assurance you need to make a purchasing decision.

At Oscar Winter, you can always count on quality craftsmanship made from certified materials that adhere to the Kimberley Process and as a brand are committed to removing conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. Oh, and the rings are out-of-this-world gorgeous, too. Purchasing from an established and trusted brand like Oscar Winter who backs their collection with a lifetime warranty lets you rest assured that your engagement ring is the highest quality possible.

The Things To Keep In Mind


Customize to your liking.

Ordering online doesn't deprive you of designing something one-of-a-kind. Every single Oscar Winter ring is hand-finished, making each dazzling piece of jewelry 100 percent unique. For even more meaning, create the ring of your dreams together as a couple. "We allow the customer to be involved in the creation," the Oscar Winter design team says. "We provide the basic designs, allowing the customer to add their personalized touches. Their design is then handcrafted to their exact specifications and delivered in just 21 days. We want our customers to feel confident when ordering from our website and we try to make their experience enjoyable and as simple as possible."

Start designing your custom engagement ring with Oscar Winter today!