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Why You Can Have a Say in Your Engagement Ring

Gone are the days where a groom ventures off to find a shimmering engagement ring to the sparing surprise of the bride-to-be. Luckily our friends over at Oscar Winter make selecting a custom ring a unique and personalized experience, right down to your choice of band, setting, and diamond. After all, what's more romantic than donning a dazzling diamond, hand-picked by you?

Give your input.


Once upon a time, proposals followed a formula: The man picked out the ring, got down on one knee, and pulled that highly esteemed velvet box out of his pocket, opening the door to happily ever after.

Though it is still a sweet tradition, it's not the only path to that fairy tale ending. Today, both partners are eagerly getting involved in engagement ring shopping, especially since there are incredible custom ring retailers at our fingertips, like Oscar Winter's online store. When Colleen, Jewelry and Style Editor at Martha Stewart Weddings, began discussing marriage with her then boyfriend, Steve, they decided to look at some options together. "I think it's important because it's a big investment and the only accessory that you are going to wear every day for the rest of your life," she says. "Therefore you want your engagement ring to be one that you love."

It's true that the engagement ring is one of the biggest investment some couples will make. Having a choice ensures that the sparkling ring will suit your unique sense of style. Opt for a completely made-for-you option when you design your ring with the help of diamond experts from Oscar Winter, dazzling diamond, shiny band, and all the glimmering details.

Worried about romance? Knowing didn't make Colleen's proposal any less romantic. "He asked me for input so far in advance so I had no clue when it was happening," Colleen explains. "It was still definitely a surprise because I did not know which direction he would go out of the few styles I mentioned that I like. And he put little touches of his own in the details which is my favorite part of the ring."

The level of participation is totally up to you. Maybe you're only comfortable dropping some subtle hints or choosing a few styles to get him started, like Colleen. Or perhaps you want to be included throughout the entire process, such as scrolling through the endless options of custom engagement rings from an online retailer such as Oscar Winter. Whether you're a traditional gal or are enthusiastic about having a say, these are our top tips to ensure the romance plays a vital role in your proposal.

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Discuss what's important to you.


When searching for the ring of your diamond-filled dreams, it's important to set some boundaries. Setting a budget should always be your first step, while communicating with your partner what they're envisioning along with your own personal preferences will be key to making it a memorable experience. Aside from establishing that you're both on the same page, these factors can potentially inform you as to where you should buy your ring, too. Feel strongly about ethically sourced metals and diamonds? Look for a brand that upholds these values, like Oscar Winter. The company ensures that all their diamonds are sourced from countries participating in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme that prevents "conflict diamonds" from entering the mainstream market. You can rest easy knowing that your custom engagement ring is crafted with uncompromised integrity, giving you the confidence to flaunt your engagement ring for years to come!

Want to help choose the ring but still be surprised in some way? Be upfront about it. Some men pop the question with stand-in rings or empty boxes so that their brides can be part of the design process later on. Others might design the dream ring as a couple and then keep the when, where, and how of the proposal a complete surprise. Just as your ring is unique and special all on it's own, there's no shame in wanting the proposal to have it's very own moment in your book of blissful wedding memories.

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Design it together.


Work with a jewelry designer to create a custom piece that reflects both your personal style and your unique love story. One of our most trusted brands, Oscar Winter, allows you to choose every component from the exact diamond and unique setting to personalized details such as engraving and metal selection. The streamlined platform makes for an easier shopping experience—online just the way the modern couple wants it be. Pour some wine, light some candles, cozy up together on the couch, and bring your dream ring to life with the help of a Personal Jewelry Advisor from Oscar Winter. With a GIA credentialed Applied Jewelry Professional by your side, you can be confident that you're maximizing your investment by knowing when to opt for a higher color grade, sacrifice slightly on clarity, and which carat weights will get you the best possible value. We don't know about you, but this officially marks the sparkling peak of our online shopping experiences.

If you do want to preserve some kind of spontaneity, give your partner the reigns towards the end of the process. As tempting as it may be, try to avoid looking at the final photos of the ring. Even if you have seen the rock in real life, tell your future fiancé to hide it out of sight to keep the dazzling jewel a complete surprise. The ring will feel just as special the next time you see it—especially if it's presented in that cherished Oscar Winter box following an unexpected proposal.

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