You're the One: Your Guide to Solitaire Engagement Rings

Modern-day, millennial brides are simply savvier. They know trends come and go, but quality craftsmanship and timeless style are forever—which is why the classic solitaire engagement ring is about to make a major comeback.

The Return of the Solitaire


When the solitaire engagement ring hit the scene in 1886, it revolutionized the wedding industry. The first-ever was cleanly designed, with a single diamond elevated on six prongs high above the metal band for optimum shine. A shift from the overly ornate pieces that had dominated the market up to that point, this modern, streamlined spin shone a spotlight on the sparkling centerpiece. Solitaires have since evolved—they can now be embedded in more modern settings and at a lower profile—but the style has continued its reign as the most sought-after engagement ring ever since.

Couples today who are searching for an understated yet showstopping solitaire have turned to Oscar Winter to find the perfect ring. As engagement ring experts, the team at Oscar Winter offers guidance and the highest level of expertise, unmatched by other online jewelers. Brides and grooms are able to browse stunning diamonds to complete their customized solitaire setting with the help of a Personal Jewelry Advisor.

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The New Solitaire


After decades of dormancy, the engagement ring world recently erupted with a new era of brides who desire to be different. But will the trend toward the alternative last? Or will a simpler style solidify its standing as the cool-girl classic, once and for all? The answer: The simplicity of the solitaire is here to stay. Going classic and simple doesn't mean your ring will be like all the rest—and the solitaire options offered at Oscar Winter certainly aren't your mother's.

Millennial women who are choosing a solitaire setting are gravitating towards a very simple style, making the solitaire extremely sought-after. Currently topping the charts are simple bands, free of additional diamonds, in gorgeous shades of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. More and more brides are choosing this classic design and opting for a more glamorous wedding band that features diamonds, colored stones, or intricate designs for a truly unique combination of timelessness and romance. Additionally, stacking multiple wedding bands with a stunning solitaire design is gaining popularity. Couples are choosing rings with different metals and designs to pair with their solitaire engagement ring. These stackable rings are often more delicate than traditional wedding bands and enhance the look of the engagement ring, rather than overwhelm it, putting your solitaire center stage.

The experts at Oscar Winter offer unique settings to ensure that your "simple solitaire" is anything but. Choose from a variety of settings from the sleek bezel-set to the eye-catching vintage-inspired. No matter how you choose to style your solitaire, you're sure to stand out.

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Get Inspired


If you're searching for a breathtaking solitaire engagement ring, the Oscar Winter Signature Ring certainly fits the bill. The exquisitely detailed mounting on this ring will ensure the round stone in this setting is center stage. The brilliant piece is the perfect combination of classic design and modern craftsmanship, making this ring truly unforgettable. Pop the question with this engagement ring, and you're sure to get the "yes!"