Sacred Urns at Susan Fontaine Pottery

Japanese Kintsugi Mid Sized Ceramic Cremation Urn for Ashes, Copper Raku Pots, SacredUrns by Susan Fontaine Pottery

Kintsugi Raku Candle Urn 7 3/4" tall including lotus flower finial by 6 1/2" wide This piece will hold up to about 120 lbs. living weight of ashes. Kintsugi Pottery is an ancient technique of embracing flaws and imperfections in a piece by repairing and finishing with gold (or another precious metal) to raise the piece to a higher, more refined and valuable level. The underlying symbolic message is one of it expresses out ability to embrace our ilevel. The underlying symbolic message is one of it expresses out ability to embrace our imperfections and challenges and through resiliency and healing to attain a higher state of being. This special piece was created as a prayer pot, funeral urn or simply as a decorative art piece for your home. I created it to hold a small tea light candle to be used during a special ceremony or for reflective moments. It can be lit for the Memorial or Celebration of Life service or on special occasions such as an anniversary or birthday to honor and celebrate the memory of a loved one. It can also hold written intentions and messages to a loved one or house sacred or special objects. I threw this urn on the wheel and carved the lid to hold the candle. After bisqued, it was copper glazed and fired in a raku kiln to a particular temperature before being quickly pulled and reduced in a trash can with organic materials to produce the elemental effects. The elemental colors in raku pottery can change over is best to avoid direct sunlight. This piece was low fired so it is porous and not food safe or water tight. It has been sealed inside with an acrylic sealer for durability and protection. The wooden base is sold in variations for $18. The lid can be temporarily sealed with museum wax or permanently sealed with an epoxy glue. read more