The Modern Haberdashery

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A rustic wedding guest book to preserve your memories. This hardback book features a base green distressed base color with other shades of green, red and bronze etched in to create texture. A single, large, textured motif is on the front cover, painted in bronze. The spine has been stamped in bronze. The back cover is is painted abstractly with red, chartreuse and green. A 1 inch wide cotton lace book marker is affixed to the spine. The book can be tied together witse and green. A 1 inch wide cotton lace book marker is affixed to the spine. The book can be tied together with a cotton lace ribbon trim with the dimensions of 7" x 4 3/4" x 2 1/2". Overall Design Features: -calligraphed guest book section; Love Is from 1 Corinthians 13 in the bible (the love chapter) -Inside front cover: embellishments and vintage wedding photo -2 book chapters: photo section, guest book section -140 total pages -picture pages: 28 -tags/journal papers: 8 (Small section features rounded corner edges) Book Chapters and Construction: The book was bound and constructed by hand. Each page is hand sewn into the book, just as books were once constructed. There are three main sections: a small introduction and photo section with 8 pages (front and back) for journaling or writing, a guest book section and a larger photo section at the back of the book. Each page in this book has been heavily stained. The stamping on each page was completed using deep red, deep green and black ink. Guest Book: 140 pages, all hand stamped, stained, stamped, natural and heavy weight paper. The pages are large enough for multiple signatures or messages of love from your guests... The beginning of the section begins with a calligraphed name plate with the words 'love is' inscribed. The entire 1 Corinthians 13 bible verse is inscribed on the pages of the guest book, broken up into small phrases... In this guest book, I wrote some of the words in calligraphy, stamped some of the words with letter stamps, with the remaining words 'spelled out' with word stickers. read more