Simon & Laarni

Welcome to our wedding website!

Simon & Laarni

Our wedding date: June 04, 2011


You're here! So well done for managing to navigate the complexities of the internet. We guess as you are here, the "Save The Date Card" reached you in one piece.

We sent these cards as an early warning for you all to get your act together, so that when we send out invites there won't be any surprises. We ask that you can now look at flights and hotels and hopefully you can make arrangements to attend our wedding on June 4th next year. We are planning to send out invites asking you to confirm your rsvp next January, and ask that you give us a firm yes or no before March 31st. This will give us time to complete our arrangements for the wedding.

But if you are sure now, please hit the RSVP link now and let us know, as you can imagine, the earlier the better for us to arrange everything. If you just got a card without your other half's name or kids, sorry, but they are invited. Just include their names in the RSVP, please put ages of your children in as well so we can make arrangements for the food. And if you're really bored, please leave a message in our guestbook.

Please feel free to look through this website, it gives you details of the location, flights and hotels we have looked at. If you need any additional information on Boracay, domestic flight arrangements or a more detailed list of hotels please contact Amanda our wedding co-ordinator. She will help arrange domestic flights/transfers and hotels directly on your behalf as part of her service to put the wedding together for us.

After getting engaged, we've decided we want an intimate and simple wedding. We enjoy spending time in the beach and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to have our families and friends share in our special day while at the same time have a fun vacation. We would love everyone to attend but we understand that it is a long trip and not everyone will be able to make it. Thanks for dropping by and we hope to see you in Boracay! :)

We will update the website when new information is available or if anything changes.