Stefan and Rebecca


Stefan and Rebecca

Our wedding date: July 28, 2012

Dear friends, family, saints, and acquaintances,

We would like to warmly invite you to join us in our marriage celebration to a place which is close to you, and we are looking forward to meet you on that day!

We praise the Lord for His sovereign arrangement in bringing us together - He has shepherded us and He has taken good care of us in His way through our families, the saints, the people we work with, and all the ones around us. Our marriage is from Him and we consecrate our life together and our future to Him, to be the overcomers that He desires to obtain in this age.

Visit the links on the left hand side of the site to view some of our photos and find more information concerning the Marriage Consecration Meeting in Montreal on July 21st, the Wedding Meeting in London on July 28th, and Reception Meeting in Taipei on August 4th 2012. Do not forget to sign our guestbook online or send us an email with your prayer, your thoughts, and your encouragement.

We know that you ALL would like to be with us at one of these events near you but we also understand that you MAY NOT be able to join us, which is why you are invited to leave us a note in our Guestbook! Leave us your comment, your wish, or some words that you may want us to enjoy and ponder on. We appreciate your feedback and your heartfelt thoughts.

If you can join us in Montreal, in London or in Taipei, please use the RSVP page - we would like to have an idea on how many people we will be expecting to join us at either of these events. Both of us are looking forward to meeting you all on one of these days! Praise the Lord who does all things well in His own time!

Warm regards,

Stefan and Rebecca

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