Steve & Leslie

Hallowedding FAQ

Have more questions about this crazy shindig? You may find the answers here. Have a question? Contact us!

• How do I get to the venue(s)?
We'll provide directions either in your welcome packet. Additionally the address to the venue is right on this website under "Wedding Events." As the wedding gets closer we'll also include more info on directions here. Since everything is in one location you won't have to do too much driving around. We're also going to have a bus from the hotels we've got blocks of rooms at in Leesburg.

• What time should I arrive?
The ceremony will begin at 6 p.m. You'll probably want to arrive about 10-15 minutes prior to the ceremony though.

• Where should I park?
There is a dedicated parking lot at the venue. It's large enough to accomodate everyone.

• Will I have to pay for parking?

• What should I wear?
Casual/cocktail wear. What's that? That's like... a cute dress, slacks and a nice button-down shirt or blouse, a skirt and top. Basically not too fancy, but not jeans. Since it's a Hallowedding (Halloween wedding) guests are also welcome to come in costume or bring one with to put on during the party. We would LOVE for people to participate in making this a Hallowedding!

• Are there any colors that guests should avoid wearing?
Not really. The bride will be in white-ish. The bridal party will be in black with accents of orange and purple.

• Are kids welcome?
Absolutely! We're planning this wedding with our nieces and nephews in mind. We want them there, we want them to play and dance!

• Can I bring a date?
If your invitation says "and guest," then yes. If it's addressed solely to you, then no. Sorry! We want it to be a fairly cozy event full of the people we know and love. Additionally, though we've had a little help from our folks, we're paying for the majority of this wedding ourselves, and can't afford a large guest list though we love you and wish we could invite you all—we hope you understand.

• Does your wedding have a theme?
Yes! Halloween/fall! It's a Hallowedding!

• I am coming from out of town. Where should I stay?
The Holiday Inn at Cardoc Hall in Leesburg or the Homewood Suites by Hilton in Leesburg. We've got rooms blocked off and info is on the "Accommodations" page on this website. NOTE - Oct. 9: There are NO ROOMS LEFT at either of these hotels.

• When is the RSVP deadline?
RSVP's will be due back to us by Sept. 19. If we do not receive an RSVP from you we will assume you are not attending unless you speak with the bride.

• Are the ceremony and reception locations wheelchair accessible?
Yes. I believe so.

• What is a handfasting?
Handfasting comes from Celtic traditions of literally binding the hands of the bride and groom together as one with ribbons, string, etc. while a blessing is said. It's where the expression "tie the knot" comes from.

• What should/could I do between the ceremony and the reception?
There will be some drinking, mingling, chatting, signing of guest book/photo/whatever we use and then we'll all eat.

• Will food be served? What kind of food will be served? What if I have a dietary restriction?
Yes. We'll have a chili bar with regular and vegetarian chili, all the sides, corn bread, a couple appetizers, buffalo wings, and chicken tenders for the kids. We'll also have desserts. We're hoping the vegetarian chili will solve any dietary restrictions, but if you have more questions, let us know.

• Will there be dancing?
Yes! Absolutely! With and without hula hoops! On and off roller skates/blades!

• Will there be any activities happening that I need to know about?
Only the hula hooping, roller skating, photo booth, and video games.

• What time will the reception end?
We're planning to be done by 11:30 p.m. then party-bus it back to the (designated) hotels.

• Can I take pictures?
Feel free to take photos (and video!). However, don't overdo it. What do I mean? I mean, we've hired a fantastic photographer to capture amazing images of our day. Because we want YOU to enjoy our day. So don't spend the entire time hiding behind a camera lens. Snap a few shots, but don't forget to enjoy it by being in the moment. Also make sure to check out the page here for the Wedding Photo Stream. It's an iPhone app that creates a live stream of wedding photos as uploaded by guests. FUN!

• Is there a gifts registry?
Yes. See our "Gift Registry" page here. We've been living together for years already, so although there's a few housewares we need our registry is generally fairly sparse. But we're not taking our honeymoon until the summer of 2013 (so we can save up money to do so and so we can more easily take time off work). Part of our registry includes a honeymoon registry. Of course we'll always be happy with just your presence, especially if you're traveling to see us.

• What if I want to donate my services to the cause instead of give a gift?
That's awesome! What kind of services would you like to contribute? I'll donate my kitchen if you want to make cupcakes, cookies or desserts. Do you want to sing? Do you have a karaoke music collection? Do you want to MC (Shelly)? Do you want to play something beautiful, do a reading, or write us a poem for the ceremony? We'd love for you to take part. Tell us what you're interested in!

• Is there transportation being provided between reception and hotels?
YES! We'll have KegBus taking folks to the wedding and back to the hotels after the wedding. KegBus will only pick up and drop off at the two hotels we blocked rooms off at. However, you can park at the hotel, ride the bus then take a cab home or to another hotel if you need to.

• Will last names be changing after the wedding?
Yes. Leslie's name is going to get longer because she can't seem to detach herself from her maiden name. Perales is becoming her second middle name and Loges will be her last name. Complicated girl, she is. (It's hard letting go of the name you've always had! Plus it's a pretty name!)

• I have a question not answered here; how do I contact you?
Email us at or Or give us a call at 703-662-3334.