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The day he met his match!

The day he met his match!

Katrina – I feel like I have told this story a million times and each time I tell it, I get the same response, “you two were meant for each other”. So it is only appropriate that I have the opportunity to tell this story in a forum that will solidify our unity.

Well it was a cool fall day, September 4, 2004 to be exact. I had just finished a morning of class and was rushing home to meet with “the cable supervisor”. Oooohhhhh Why you ask? Several weeks before this fine day my cable had gone out, and yes I paid the bill. I had called the customer service line on several occasions to which I was given various excuses regarding a wire above ground or something like that. Blah blah cable guy speak. This particular evening I had grown quite weary of not having any cable and my then very active five year old daughter, making me watch EVERY Disney movie we had in the house over and over and over again. You can only watch the little mermaid but so many times before Ariel begins to look like a very whinny seafood dinner! So, I decide that I am calling the cable company again and this time I am taking drastic measures.
OH, no cable guys were harmed in the making of this phone call.

A very nice young lady answers the customer service line and proceeds’ to give me what I can only perceive to be the “standard answers”. I let her finish her spiel and began to explain to her that I had heard it all before and that I needed to hear and see something different and I was not hanging up until I did. At that point she puts me on hold and proceeds to call “a Supervisor”. I can only imagine how she relayed my dilemma; however I would like to make it known that I remained respectful and all words used were more then four letters long. She returns to me and informs me that “a Supervisor” is going to give me a call. Well considering that I started this call with the mind set of GETTING RESULTS; I proceeded to inform HER that I was not hanging up from the call with her until the Supervisor called. Ok, so I have a little bit of customer service background and I know that if you stay on one call to long it can reeeeaaaallllly mess up your productivity numbers. She proceeds to put me on hold and I found out later she called “the Supervisor” and informed him that this woman refuses to hang up until you call her.

Enter STUART! I receive the call from a very polite and understanding gentleman who begins by being very apologetic to my issue and proceeds to tell me how he will have some one out quickly. Well I wanted to let him know this was of the utmost urgency so I informed HIM that if he did not fix it soon that I and my daughter would be coming to his house for TV time! He assured me that he would come personally and then offered me free pay-per-view passes or some crap like that for my inconvenience, to which I told him “don’t need it” I just need my service.

Ok so we are back to the cool fall day. Again, in walks STUART! Mr. Sumpter (at the time) comes to my home, quickly and efficiently corrects my problem and even tries to get me to signup for a DVR to which he offered free for 30 days. I asked him would I have to return it to their location if I didn’t want to keep at after 30 days, he said yes and I said that sounds to much like work for me “don’t want it”. When Stuart was done resolving my issue, he still hands me two pay-per-view coupons for my trouble, which I never used, and then proceeds to walk out my front door. He steps out my door and just as I am about to shut it, he says to me, “You are a very interesting and attractive woman and I wonder if I could take you out sometime”. To which I answer “sure, you’re the cable guy, you got the number” ☺ And the rest as they say “is history”!

Now I think it is important to mention two things I found out later from Stuart after we started dating. 1. After talking to me on the call and dealing with my antics, he told himself I have got to meet this woman that is causing such a ruckus. 2. He deliberately waited until he stepped out of my home before he asked me out. He did not want to appear “creepy” or make me uncomfortable.

Seven years later, I am marrying “the Supervisor” and I couldn’t be more blessed! That chance meeting has brought us to a wonderfully fulfilling place in our lives and I would not change one minute of it. Not even hearing “Under the sea” a million times over. ☺

His side of the story

His side of the story

STUART - So it’s about 3:30pm in the evening and I’m counting down to 4:00 so I can go home. I get a call from my Dispatch group stating that they have a customer on the phone that’s demanding to speak to a Supervisor and won’t hang up until she does. I’m told that she has been without Cable service and is demanding that we get it fixed.
So I get on the phone and introduced myself as: “Hello, this is Stuart Sumpter, installation and repair supervisor, how can I help you?”

Ms. Jones at the time, says, “look, I have been without service for the past few days and I keep getting the run around about what’s wrong and how long it will take to get it fixed, I don’t care about all of that, I just want it fixed” she then proceeds to tell me, “if you don’t get it fixed, then me and my daughter will be at your house watching your cable”
At this point, for any of you that know me, I’m thinking to myself, “This woman has no clue what she would be getting into if she came to my home. 

I told her that I was sorry for her inconvenience but I will send a technician out to see what the problem is. I also told her that we would compensate her bill for her outage and I would send her 2 pay per view coupons for her troubles. Ms. Jones asked me if she needed a box to use the coupons, to which I responded “yes “and she said she does not need them because she doesn’t have any boxes. I then offered to upgrade her services with a DVR and she said “no thank you” I then said, “once you get it in your home, you won’t want to get rid of it” “How about I bring one out and you see if you like it” Ms Jones asked if she would have to return it if she didn’t like it, I said, “yes” She said “no thank you”. I don’t have time to bring a box to you if I don’t like” I told her i would send a technician out right away.
once again for those of you who know me, I’m thinking, Damn! She has turned down everything I threw out to her and nothing stuck, when in the past, the Pay Per View coupon is like gold when giving them away, so I’m wondering, what this women looks like.

So I send a technician to her home to survey the situation and to give me feedback on what we can do to get her service back up. Well the technician tells me that there is nothing we can do as a temp fix, and that a new line has to be ran. Of course I had to ask, what does this woman look like, to which he stated she was ok looking. What I didn’t know was that he saw Trina’s roommate at the time.

So Fast forward to the meet…..well the line got fixed and I set up an appointment with Ms. Jones to come out myself to inspect that all was well. So I and my lead technician went on site and knocked on the door. I introduced myself and asked if we could come in and inspect the inside wires. WHAT A MESS!!!!!, there were old cable lines all over the place. I had to have her clear out her closet so that I could get in the attic, and yes, I do still crawl around in attics.
At one point I was in her bathroom, and as any good detective would do, if you have interest, you look around for clues of another man, or woman, medicine bottles sitting out to see what they might have, ect…
After replacing several cable outlets my lead tech and I were done and ready to leave. Joe had already gone outside to load his van up. As I stepped outside of her home I gave her (2) Pay Per view coupons and told her if she changed her mind about the cable box, she could then use them to order a movie and we would credit her account the amount of the movie. I then said, “Look I don’t know if you’re married or even involved, but if not, I’d like to see you outside of work” Trina replied, “You have the number, use it”

Well I guess I used it……………………..