Tope & Demo


Tope & Demo

Our wedding date: June 28, 2008

To Thee I give my Love to

Let us explain this feeling within
About the love we share and the friendship we’ve planted
It’s the root of the beginning between us
And we truly share the ability to understand each other,
Deep as the gift God has given us, called LOVE
Being next to each other, balancing each others decisions
Is a unique conception that with FAITH all things is possible

You consume me; your vibrant soul moves me
You’ve helped me through it all.
You’ve adorn my heart and soul like the ring that unites us

We must talk about the importance of our being
After waiting so long to find each other
Our life is now full from the concise measurement of HOPE
Concerned about each others sunrise and sunset
We’ve taken a journey to the constellations of the stars
Now we PROTECT what God has given us
A molded realization that you and I are now, We

This is the way I see us
We are meant to be here, in each others arms
Without a doubt, I will spend eternity loving you

We need no speculations because we are deeply connected
Burdens tackle our very being, but
A tune plays for us in heaven
Our feet comes together to dance to the sweet melody
With no lyrics, but the instruments giving to simplify PERSEVERANCE
We knock the walls down to give each other comfort and TRUST
The tune now plays forevermore

You are my better half
My connectional twin
You’ve unraveled my heart to an everlasting serenity

The route to our love is not PROUD
Instead it REJOICES at how captivating our ray of light is
It’s been the PATIENCE and the endurance we’ve gone through
Whether it’s rain or shine, we still climb the walls of Jericho
To explore our beating path called the venture of love
The heart is immortal
While the soul envelops the pasture of KINDNESS

Back at the root of things
You have no faults I want to correct
I am forever yours
Fill my heart with JOY

I love you

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