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Just a little look at the day in the life of an over scheduled, psycho organized, scrapbook obsessed, sometimes stressed, Tan loving, can't say no, everything has to be perfect bride. Don't be scared, keep reading......

Flower Girly

We ordered Kyndall's flower girl dress!  It's really cute and looks precious on her! The yellow ribbon in the pic will be orange on her dress: Here we are in front of the bridal salon: She tried to be shy at first, but by the time we were ready for her to take off the dress she was jumping and twirling around all over the place.  She looked like a little princess!


Rapunzel, Rapunzel.....

....let down your hair.   Seriously, how friggin long is my hair??!!   It’s crazy!
I am really, really, really set on wearing my hair down for the wedding, BUT I have like no hair.   It’s so thin and fine, the minute it gets past my shoulders, it looks terrible.   It’s flat and stringy and won’t do a thing.   Ugh, so I normally try to keep it short.   But I have visions of long, flowing, thick curls and waves on my wedding day, but that is...


Engagement Pics

We had our engagement pictures taken at this old cotton mill in McKinney.  I am absolutely in love with that place!  It is very rustic and made the perfect background for a photo shoot.  My photographer is so awesome.  I think I looked at about 100 different photographers before I finally made a decision, and I am soooo happy that I chose her!  She did such a great job.  I can't wait to see the wedding photos!!


Bridesmaid Dresses

The girls got measured for their bridesmaid dresses on Monday!   YAY!   They are ordered and will be here in 12-14 weeks.   Check….one more thing crossed off my list.   The list that is a mile long.   I have so much to do, but even one thing down makes me happy….that’s one less thing I have to worry about.  
Christi had the pleasure of being the model for the blurred out looks-like-I’m-naked picture.   You can’t see it until the wedding!...


Closet Cleanup

I spent all last Saturday and part of Sunday cleaning out and reorganizing my closet.   OMG, what a huge difference something so small can make!   I feel like I’m 8 years old and it’s Christmas morning.   I am so excited about my new closet.   I love to organize things….I’m actually kind of a little obsessed with it.   You wouldn’t know it though, to look at my closet.   It was a mess, but I guess I thought it was “organized” because I knew where...

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Bachelorette Par-tay

Since this was about 2 months ago, I’m a little late with it!   Oh well…better late than never.  We spent the weekend in Austin for Christi’s bachelorette party, and it was a blast!   We had a lingerie shower Friday night, a spa day on Saturday, then went out on the town Saturday night.   There was about 12 of us girls and we rented this really cool house right in the middle of Austin…it was an Italian style villa with awesome views of downtown....

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Big Al & Redneck Steve's McKinney Avenue Tavern

The Thursday before my birthday Tan and I went to Dallas to make a deposit at the bakery we are using for the wedding cakes.   We got there at about 4 and were done in like 10 minutes, so we decided to go have a few drinks…a little pre-birthday celebration :)
In case you don’t know, I love to listen to Kidd Kraddick in the morning on KISS FM.   I think I’ve been listening to them for like 15 years!!   Anyway, I remembered that Big Al opened a bar in...


31 Years Young

My birthday was Sunday and Tan took me out to dinner at Bob’s chophouse.   OMG it was so freakin good!   We tore it up…..steak, lobster tail, shrimp brochette, mashed potatoes, four cheese macaroni….seriously, this macaroni was to die for!   I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs because we took over half of it home.   I was in a food coma.   AND I had a martini, but it was so strong that I had to ask for a side of pineapple juice….what a wuss!  ...


Keep Austin Weird

Christi decided she wanted to have a bachelorette party weekend in Austin, so my mind immediately went into planning mode!  I wanted to make some favors that everyone could keep plus would remind them of Austin and the fun weekend that was yet to be had.  I decided to have t-shirts made....that would do both!  They turned out really cute and everyone loved them, so I had to share!   I couldn't just give a plain ol' t-shirt, so I had to jazz it up.  I bought black...


Engagement Picture-Outfit-Decision-Making Process

Now this was quite the beating.   Not the engagement pics themselves, they were actually fun, but the shopping in preparation for the engagement pics.   OMG.   I didn’t know picking out coordinating outfits for 2 people could be so difficult.   It was pretty ridiculous, now that I look back on it.  
My mother and I spent ALL DAY at the mall on Good Friday looking for that certain dress for me to wear with the sassy cowboy boots Tan bought...

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