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This is where we'll chatter about things relating, however peripherally, to the wedding and planning thereof. For Tarol's regular blog, please go to www.goblinscomic.com.

14 people in a little tiny house

We're up to 10 overnight visitors on the property during the wedding weekend, with an extra dog. This puts our occupancy at 14 humans (including two teenagers and a toddler), two dogs, one cat and a turtle. There are people in all the beds, people on the sofabed, people on foamies on the floor, people on air mattresses on the floor, people in tents in the yard, people in a tent trailer in the driveway and someone's sleeping in a truck.

This is going to be the best campout ever. :D...


The dog barks, and presents appear.

The dog barks at every stranger who comes up to the house, as well as friends, neighbours, bears and package delivery people. Being out in the woods we don't get a lot of unscheduled friend and neighbour drop-ins, so lately, if the dog barks it's because a delivery person is coming up the path. It's a fun game: "Bear or present? Let's go see!"

Thank you for the presents, by the way. They make us feel all warm and squishy. :)

(Especially the self-heating exploding goo...

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Tarol's ring arrived (sort of)

Tarol's ring came in the mail today... well, the stand-in ring arrived. This ring is a simple titanium band that will be used in the ceremony because Tarol's real ring is a beautiful custom thing that's going to take some more crafting time. It's definitely worth the wait. Here's a picture: http://www.etsy.com/listing/77245092/waterproof-wood-titanium-ring-with-box...