Tarol & Danielle

Tarol's ring arrived (sort of)

Tarol's ring came in the mail today... well, the stand-in ring arrived. This ring is a simple titanium band that will be used in the ceremony because Tarol's real ring is a beautiful custom thing that's going to take some more crafting time. It's definitely worth the wait. Here's a picture: http://www.etsy.com/listing/77245092/waterproof-wood-titanium-ring-with-box

The delivery lady asked if we were moving because there are boxes stacked by the front door. I told her we'd recently moved in and I was rearranging things because guests were coming over, which is true, but I was thinking "Gah! I've been cleaning for days and it's still a disaster." I need to find a way to freeze time for an extra month to get everything done. How do I have so many tasks for a wedding that was designed to be low-stress and un-fussy?


I'm sorry Thunt but this is common knowledge: preparations for weddings and even vacations are a huge source of stress, only when you _are_ already in the event you will relax.

Freezing time wouldn't help, it would just give you more time to 2nd guess every other decision you've made.

The ring is BEAUTIFUL. Is that a jewelry store with an etsy account, or an individual with exceptional skill?
Anyway, I'm sure the wedding will turn out great. Don't worry too much over all the details. I know you have to get them done, but if something isn't perfect, you likely won't even notice as you get swept up in the happiness of your wedding day. That's how it was for me 2 years ago.

Absolutely gorgeous ring! I'm going to have to be buying some rings in the next six months myself! X)

Remember, the only important decision at a wedding is the cast. As long as you have the right two people at center stage the rest is just window dressing.

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