Tarol & Danielle

The dog barks, and presents appear.

The dog barks at every stranger who comes up to the house, as well as friends, neighbours, bears and package delivery people. Being out in the woods we don't get a lot of unscheduled friend and neighbour drop-ins, so lately, if the dog barks it's because a delivery person is coming up the path. It's a fun game: "Bear or present? Let's go see!"

Thank you for the presents, by the way. They make us feel all warm and squishy. :)

(Especially the self-heating exploding goo cannisters. Those are the best so far.)


Bachelorette to-do tomorrow night! Dinner, theatre sports and possibly fireworks. Clearly, Vancouver knew I was coming when they scheduled the Celebration of Light. Y'know, months and months before we even set a date... Event planning wizards, they are. ;)


Ember barks, and presents appear! That's awesome!

So what does Jackie do?

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