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14 people in a little tiny house

We're up to 10 overnight visitors on the property during the wedding weekend, with an extra dog. This puts our occupancy at 14 humans (including two teenagers and a toddler), two dogs, one cat and a turtle. There are people in all the beds, people on the sofabed, people on foamies on the floor, people on air mattresses on the floor, people in tents in the yard, people in a tent trailer in the driveway and someone's sleeping in a truck.

This is going to be the best campout ever. :D

Until today, there was a major problem with our master plan. Our house, being way out in the woods, is not on the public sewer system. We have a septic tank, buried where it politely does its business and doesn't bother us. However, it's only designed to do business for a maximum of 5 people. I invited rather more than that to crash with us, so a solution had to be found. Today, we found one. We rented a portapotty. Hee! It makes me giggle that I made a sleepover party so big it needs a portapotty.

It will, of course, be properly decorated. We're thinking an interior comic book rack and geeky posters on the walls, and maybe an action figure to guard the hand sanitizer.



Well, that's certainly better than my proposed solution. Well done! And I love the idea of decorating it. Too bad there isn't enough time to make a TARDIS facade.

That is so excellent! I love that you guys are having so much fun with this. When portapotties are giggle-worthy, I feel like that's a good sign you're having a lot of fun.

Just hook up a hose or something next to it, i dont know about anybody else but it drives me nuts when i use a portapotty and can't wash my hands afterwords, even WITH hand sanitizer.

*hee hee hee* She said POTTY *hee hee hee*

So you gotta go. You look one way and see a proper bathroom, the other way is a porta-potty. What to do? Each person making that decision independently. Oh My!

Still a great weekend. Good luck and best wishes.

All in all a good idea. Just DON'T install a comic book rack. People will take forever to vacate the portapotty again, even when they long have finished their "business", because the comic is so captivating and that can't be something you want. ;)

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