Tekey & Noah

Our Stories

"Started up in Spanish now we Here"

Where it all began..

Where it all began..

Noah & I met in 2008 in Spanish class in Armstrong Building Room 221 at Hampton University. He recalls my snort & silly laugh, and I recall him saying a joke to the teacher in spanish that called for an instant outburst of laughter. I honestly didn't notice him the first time we had class but he saw me. It wasn't until we had to do the infamous (group project)... I hated group projects... that we got to know each other outside of class.He was a Biology/PreMed major and I was a Political Science major so outside of spanish we rarely crossed paths.

We met in the library around 7pm on a Sunday evening with our other group members (Who still recall our notorious project as being the starting point for us). Now at the time we didn't have a clue what topic we would present and we were two days shy of the deadline. When we met we had an extra (unofficial) group member that made it all come together. My then 4 yr old son.

The show Maury was very popular during the time so we decided to do a skit where Noah played the alleged "Father" of the child(played by my son) and I, the dramatic Baby Momma certain that he was. The other group member was the Host, the last member played the current girlfriend supporting Noah's denial that he was NOT the Father...hahaha. We did the entire skit in spanish and even brought the kid in to do the comparison of features lol. THE CLASS AND THE TEACHER LOVED IT. We had two semesters of Spanish together and then myself and one of our other members switched teachers for the 3rd go round leaving poor Noah behind,a decision he wasn't too happy about. How he found out is the icing on the cake LOL. All of us were walking up the stairs in the normal direction to the class we were all once in. To Noah's surprise we continued up the next stairwell as he entered onto the second floor. Me and the other group member shouted with laughter "SORRY!" as we hurried to our new spanish lab class. He was in total shock and til this day he holds some resentment towards us because of our last minute switch up hehe..all jokes now though

Not long after our project did Noah & I become friends... well really he became friends with Kubb. Whenever he would see me outside of class he'd ask about him and wonder how he could spend time with him again because he was so "cool" & intelligent to him.

He was in a relationship at the time & so was I so we NEVER looked to each other in any other way other than GREAT FRIENDS... we built on that foundation & this friendship continued until we graduated...him in 2010 & me in 2011. We would occasionally have long convos about God, our "boo's," and life & happiness; and wanted to always remain close to one another after graduation. What we didn't know at the time was that God was going to turn that friendship into a fairytale Love Story.

Noah and I went to the same school so we have a lot of mutual friends. One night him and a female friend of ours were out together having a one on one and he revealed to her that he really wished we (him & I) would have had the chance to talk in another way..

Needless to say she played a vital role in switching my perception of him as a GREAT FRIEND.. into someone I knew after the "first" post revelation conversation WAS THE ONE AND VICE VERSA!

God kept me for him & him for I .. we realized so much after catching up for hours in the following days, & months. All the little clues just tied together. Theres so much more to "who we are" but as short as it could be this is "US" :)


she said YES..

she said YES..

On NYE 2013 my dream finally came true! Noah was a 3rd year medical student at the time & he told me he had to work NYE so I didn't expect to see him. Thats just the way the dice lands sometimes in that profession.

I got dressed all cute for NYE service that began @ 9 (We had to wear black & white, black being my fav color to wear I was a little excited-- people dress cute for the club, so I figured hey, I can dress cute to party with God on NYE).. upon arrival of course people wanted to know where he was & I'm like oh he had to work, blah blah blah.. each time someone asked I got a little bit sad.. but I realized this would be a reality for us in his chosen career path ... so get use to it right...


Fast-forward to around 11:15 he walks in. I didn’t even see him although I sat close to the door. Someone was giving their testimony and I hear Noah's voice say “Amen” so I turned around like what are u doing here .. with the confused face I gritted on him & mouthed “u lied to me” lol he asked for the mic next to give his testimony.. then walked to the front of the church.. I’m thinking at this time what the heck is he doing everyone else did this from their seat why are u going to the front, your extra (& you didn't get the memo about casual black and white.. but he was looking dapper in a navy blue vest & slacks)... and he proceeded to give his testimony about God's grace, favor, and mercy throughout the year and then he said: “but I can not go into 2014 without applying a certain verse that I’ve meditated on for my entire life, Proverbs 18:22 says that He who finds a wife finds a good thing" (when I heard that I dropped into the seat & began crying, literally) & he called me to the front.. the rest was a blur… before I knew it he was on his knee and I was saying YESSSS!

I was so excited I didn’t even see the ring until someone said that’s a “rock, let me see” & I looked down & screamed!!!!! It was exactly what I always dreamt of a Yellow Diamond ... "They say a Yellow Diamond is as rare as the Woman who wears one" --- :)

I was so glad that he planned this the way he did, we had some of our closest family members & friends present and they were able to share the joy & capture the moment so that we can relive it for a lifetime.