Tibor & Maricel

Wedding Reception Program Script

Wedding Reception Program Script

A. Call to Order


A. Welcome Address

Renato: A very good evening to everyone and welcome to Tibor and Maricel's Dinner Reception We are done with solemn part of the celebration and we thank those people who were with us earlier at St. Augustine Parish Church for the wedding ceremony. And for those who just join us in, Welcome! I am Renato Gabiana, for the most exciting part the Dinner reception for our newlyweds in celebration of the beginning of their new life together.

Evelyn: I am Evelyn Racaza, we are the Masters of Ceremony... we thank you for gracing this joyful occasion especially to those who took a leave of absence from work and to those who traveled miles just to be with us. In behalf of Tibor and Maricel and their parents, we would like to express their heartfelt gratitude for your presence at this memorable occasion. It is indeed a pleasure to have you all this evening.


B. Introduction

Before anything else we would like to acknowledge the key persons who took a great part of this joyous affair. For without their support, this event would not be made possible. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to introduce to you the Parents of the Bride, Mr. Dionesio Anunciado Celmar and Mrs. Aida Estender Celmar. A big round of applause

Evelyn: And of course we are truly happy to have with us here the Mother of the Groom, his brother and the daughter of the Groom, Let us give a big hand to Mrs. Ilona Urkom, Mr. Sebastian Urkom and Monikka Urkom.

We would like also to acknowledge our Principal Sponsors namely:

1. Mr. Danilo Villacarlos and Dr. Araceli Villacarlos

2. Mr. Timoteo Gusinalem and Brgy. Captain Benita Gusinalem

3. Mr. Vicente Celis and Mrs. Saturnina Celis

Renato: There you have it, our most distinguished set of principal sponsors. Let us once again give them around of applause.

We would like to acknowledge the presence of families and friends who took their time out to be here with us. For this, allow me to give very special welcome to all who have traveled many miles to be here with us today.


To open our program proper, let's begin with the wedding prayer to be led by Arnelio Magpulong.

Heavenly Father

Our father, love has been Your richest and greatest gift to the world. Love between a man and woman, which mature into marriage, is one of Your most beautiful types of loves. Lord God, we thank you for the union of hearts of our dear Tibor and Maricel. On this special day, their wedding day heaven sings in triumph. For a new love shall unveil the glory of your name. We sincerely pray that you bless this couple with a love shall unveil the glory of your name. We sincerely pray that you bless this couple with a love to last forever. In sickness and in health may they find your strength. In doubts and troubles may they see your light. In hurts and failures may they find your pardon. In loneliness and desperation may find your joy. Also we pray, that you bless them with a family so blissful, prosperous and ever healthy. And above all, filled with love, faith and hope that are founded on you. May your blessing be on this wedding service. Protect, guide and bless Tibor and Maricel in the marriage. Surround them and us with Your love now and always. Amen

Evelyn: We have an hour for our cocktail party. Appetizers, fruits and cocktails are served while having table-hopping for souvenir pictures.

D. Table-Hopping for Souvenir Pictures

At this point Tibor and Maricel would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your presence. The newlyweds will now go from one table to another to greet each and everyone to have a souvenir picture taking with their guests.

(*In case there is a projection…) While doing that, we would like you to enjoy watching the movie and presentation made by our newlywed couple – from their prenuptial pictures to wedding preparations.


PART II Program Proper

E. Opening of the Wedding Party

(Request the entourage to fall in line outside for the grand entrance.)

Evelyn: Good Evening everyone Ladies and gentlemen. May I have your attention please. Since the cocktail hour has finished, we are about to begin our dinner reception.

(Note: Bob, the entourage is ready for the processional.)

Renato: Good evening everyone and welcome here to Tabor and Maricel's Wedding party

Evelyn: And now, the much-awaited event- the grand entrance of the entourage Let us all stand; Give them around of applause please. (Forever by Chris Brown). (Each pair should give their sample dance moves)...

(Two men for icebreaker) – Al-al and Jan- jan

The Parents

a. Dionesio Celmar and Aida Celmar

b. Ilona Urkom

Daughter: Monnika Urkom

Brother: Sebastian Urkom

The Primary Sponsors

Mr. Vicente Celis and Saturnina Celis

Mr. Danilo Villacarlos and Dr. Araceli Villacarlos

Mr. Timoteo Gusinalem and Brgy. Captain Benita Gusinalem

The Secondary Sponsors

The readers:

Mrs. Aidhen Celmar – Dayon

Ms. Maricel Sagayno

Ms. Joan Dorato

Candle sponsor– Ms. Virginia Hortado and Mr. Amelito Meloria

Veil Sponsor – Ms. Judelyn Pilapil and Mr. Nazario Niones

Cord Sponsor-Evelyn Racaza and Arnelio Magpulong

Flower girls:

Christine Jaducana, Margeli Celmar, Pauline Ighot

Ring, coin and bible bearers:

Uriah Jhames Racaza, Miel Bien Cortez, Gemar Celmar

Groomsmen and Bridesmaid – Give it up for…

Dionesio Celmar Jr. and Aida Celmar

Renato Gabiana and Marne Celmar

Luis Jaducana and Ellen Grace Funesto

The best man and maid of honor- Mr. David Matthews and Imee Jeruta


F. Entrance to the Bride and Groom

At this point, I assume that everyone has settled down and we are ready to welcome the newlyweds. (May I request our lovely Maid of Honor, Imee Jeruta to please facilitate the welcoming party for our newlyweds.)?

Imee: This evening calls for a grand celebration and it is my distinct pleasure to introduce to you for the first time Tibor and Maricel as husband and wife. So with out further ado, let us all rise and give our warmest welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Urkom...

(Newlyweds enter the hall-background music... (Nobody Nobody But You)

(Do adlib)

G. Dove Release

Evelyn: The next part of the program, the bride and groom will now do the dove release. Let me call on the closest friend of the bride and groom, Mr. Bobbee Lopez to officiate the dove.

(Instructions: While Newlyweds comes forward and prepare for the dove release, background music starts playing...)

Bob: The two doves signify Tibor and Maricel being released to start a new journey together. Like the two pairs of dove, whatever happens they will always try to seek the comfort of each other and their home together. This is where they know that they will find love. A dove always chooses one mate for life, and signifies love, faithfulness, joy and hope.

Tibor and Maricel are now ready so we will now release the doves. At the count of three, release the doves. Ready when you are...one...two... three and off... they go!!! That was really beautiful.

Renato: Thank you so much Bob.

H/I. Well Wishes From Family and Friends

Family has been our source of comfort, support and inspirations. Tibor and Maricel are truly blessed with such wonderful family and friends. When it comes to knowing what marriage is all about, in behalf of bride's family, may I call on Mr. Dionesio Celmar and Mrs. Aida Celmar, the father and mother of the bride and her sister and friend, Aidhen to say a few words of wisdom to our newlyweds

Evelyn: Thank you so much for that inspiring message.

And now, we would like to call on any representative from the groom’s and bride's family to say best wished to our newly weds, Mrs. Ilona, the mother; Brother Sebastian Urkom and Monnika Urkom, his daughter.

Note: all the sponsors will give their wishes.

1. Vicente Celis and Mrs. Saturnina Celis

2. Mr. Timoteo Gusinalem and Mrs. Benita Gusinalem

3. Mr. Danilo Villacarlos and Dr. Araceli Villacarlos

Renato: Thank you so much.

(In behalf of school JAMMERS, Evelyn and Renato will give their personal message and wishes to the newlywed couple.)

You know Evelyn; we have a new twist in giving a message. Everybody will think on his/her feet.

Evelyn: Why Renato? What's the twist? I'm curious.

Renato: Here is the thing:

There would be 8 guests of the bride and groom sitting on those chairs will give their impromptu speeches for our newly-wed couple. The chosen guests who get the stickers with color white under their chairs, will either sing or dance tribute for our newlywed while for people who get color pink will give their impromptu speeches and wishes for our newly-wed couple. It's going to be like truth and consequences.

Evelyn: so, what's the consequence?

Renato: Well, they will get the prize.

Evelyn: Ohh! So, what are we waiting for, let's check under our chairs if you got pink or white with the love messages.

(Do your adlib here)

Thank you so much. Let us again give them a big hand for such wonderful and meaningful speeches and beautiful song and dance numbers

J. Newlywed’s Trivia (This can be inserted during the gap).

  1. How did the couple meet? Online/Yahoo messenger/Dating site Purefilipina.com

  2. When’s their engagement date? March 17, 2011

  3. What’s the bride’s previous occupation? Online Teaching

  4. What’s the groom’s favorite hobby? Traveling, gardening…

  5. Where did the groom first meet bride’s parents? Hukad Restaurant in Ayala

  6. Where was their first date? Moalboal

K. Cutting of Wedding Cake

Evelyn: May I now request Tibor and Maricel to do the honors of cutting the wedding cake.

(Newlyweds come forward to cut the cake.)

There you have ladies and gentlemen, the cake has been cut.

Waiters to please serve the cake and wine to our guests

L. Best man's toast to the Bride and Groom by David Matthews

Renato: A celebration is never complete without a toast and bottle of good wine. Let us now bring out the good wine and pour them to our glasses. Please welcome, the best man, David Matthews. Around of applause please.

David: Ladies and gentlemen, it takes a strong and intelligent man to realize his dreams and achieve his goals in life and love. A man that is not afraid to live life to it’s fullest and embraces what is truly important. I'm here to talk about Tibor and Maricel two people who have come together today to form a union that will surely last forever.

(Instructions: Best Man raises his glass and addresses the newlyweds as he speaks...)

Everyone let us stand and raise your glasses and join me in toasting Tibor and Maricel.

(Instructions: Best Man waits for everyone to stand up and see to it that everyone has raised their glasses and them say...)

Here is for good health, happiness, good luck and prosperity to Tibor and Maricel. Cheers

(Everyone makes a toasts and drinks from their glasses)

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, you may now be seated.


M. Bouquet Throw

Evelyn: Ok now let us all have some fun and it's time for modern bouquet. It is said that whoever will catch the bouquet will soon be the next bride. Since, most of our single ladies are shy to catch the bouquet, so let's do it in a game. Here are the instructions: Everybody will get a flower, so if you are the lucky single lady who doesn't have a single flower, you will be the chosen one. So is everyone in?

Ready when you are at the count of three the bride will throw the flowers. May I also request the audience to please join me in the counting.

Music: Single Ladies by Beyonce

(Instructions: Emcee motions and waits for all single ladies to come forward)

Renato: Ladies kindly take your place behind the bride. She will throw flowers. May I also request the audience to please join me in the counting.

(Instructions: Emcee make sure that everyone is in place)

Ready when you are ladies. Let us now do the countdown. One ... Two... Three there it goes.

(Bride throws flowers and the ladies tries to catch it.)

May I request for the lady who wasn't able to catch any single flower to please come forward.

Congratulations Miss, May I have your name please.

(Instructions: Emcee draws the microphone to the lady)

Ok let's give a hand to Miss ______. Please have a seat beside the bride and in a moment we shall find your match in the garter toss.


N. Retrieval of Garter and Garter Toss.

Before we go with the garter toss, the groom will retrieve the garter/elastic from his bride. So may we request Tibor and Maricel to please come on the center stage

and do the garter retrieval ritual.

(A chair is brought onstage for the bride to sit, while groom kneels down at the bride's feet ready to retrieve the garter)

Evelyn: Ladies and gentlemen the groom will now retrieve the garter from the bride.

(Groom retrieves the garter from the bride.)

There you have it ladies and gentlemen; the groom was finally able to retrieve the garter. Let us give him a big hand.

Okay it is now the gentlemen's turn and we will now do the garter toss. May I now request all single men to come forward for the garter toss. Please take note the single man who doesn't have garter will be the person who will retrieve the real garter.

(Instructions: Emcee motions and waits for all singles men to come forward.)

Gentlemen please take your place behind the groom and are ready to catch the garter. So is everyone ready? At the count of three the groom will throw the garter and again we request the audience to participate in the countdown.

(Instructions: Emcee makes sure that everyone is in place)

Okay ready when you are guys. One... Two Three... and off it goes

(Groom throws the unreal garters and gentlemen try to catch it.)


O. Match making Rituals

May I request for the gentlemen who now have in his possession the garter. Sir pleases come forward and takes your place beside the lady who has the bouquet.

Congratulations Sir. May I have your name please?

(Instructions: Emcee draws the microphone to the gentleman.)

Thank you Mr. _____. Friends Let's give the gentlemen a big hand.

Renato: Now that we have already found a perfect match. The next bride and groom to be in the future it's time for another ritual. The gentlemen who got the garter are to put it on the lady who caught the bouquet. At this point we would like to request Ms. ___ to please have a seat while Mr. ____ will put on the garter. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. ____ will now put on the garter on Ms____. (Interview the chosen couple if they are singles).

(Lady takes a seat while gentlemen puts the garter on her).

Evelyn: There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Our new lovely pair and if it would not be too much to ask, we would like the gentlemen to imitate what the groom will do to his bride. This is what we called " Body to Body game".

The Single man and woman should imitate the couple while dancing. First, eye to eye... check to check...hand to hand...lips to lips...

(Soft and sweet music " God Gave You/ Marry Your Daughter")...

(Instructions: Emcee waits for the gentlemen to give the kiss and thanks the pair after.)

Renato: Thank you Mr. ____ and Ms_______, Let us give them both a big hand.

At this point, we request that both of you to remain onstage for the picture taking. The newlyweds will now pose with our lovely new pair.

(Instructions: Emcee stands aside as photographers take pictures of the pair with the newlyweds.)

Again, Thank you Mr. _____ and Mrs.______ for your participation, you may now return to your seats.

P. Money Wedding Dance

Renato :

We have a lot of surprise for you. Remember the red envelopes that were given to you during that will be used for the money dance that to be hang over the tree they called “tree of a new life”. Money dance has been a traditional wedding practice among Filipinos. Here are the instructions… the guests will come forward to hang their red envelopes over the tree of new life. Then, if you area male guests, you dance with the bride and so as female guests will dance with the groom for 10-30 seconds, so others are given a chance to dance with the couple. So, with out any further ado, let’s start with table number 1…Let me call on the newly wed couple to come forward Mr. and Mrs. Tibor Urkom.



Tonight is indeed a special night and will forever be etched in the memory of our beloved couple. For tonight marks the beginning of their new life together. From this day forward they shall be one and on this joyful beginning of their life together. From this day forward, they shall be one, and on this joyful beginning what could be more fitting than to celebrate it with their first dance. The first dance is the symbolic of the consummation of their wedding vows. This dance is the wedding couples' first cooperative engagement and joint endeavor. Ladies and gentlemen, it is once again my privilege to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Tibor Urkom with their First Dance, "The Time of My Life"

R. Grace Before Meals

Evelyn: Wow, that was a great wedding dance number. More dance and song await you as we have the second part of the celebration. It's dinnertime. I would like to welcome the _______band who will serenade us while enjoying our meal.

I guess the food is now ready and dinner will start shortly. May I call on Aidhen Celmar to say the grace before meals.

S. Dinner (acknowledgement of donors)


Thank you Ms. ____ so, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served. You are all invited to join the dinner. You may get your food at the buffet table. Enjoy your meal and always - ladies first.

We would like to thank Trudis Place Resort and Restaurant for the meal. Thank you for generosity.

We would also like to thank Mr. Ryan Vicera for the magnificent flowers that were being used by the bridal entourage and the bridal bouquet and bridal bouquet. As well as to Ivee Jeruta for the hair and make-up, thank you very much.

To Bobby Lopez and Imee Jeruta for supervising in the Physical arrangement.


Part III. Party Time (Karaoke - Sing- along)

T. Surprise Number – Bride dancing with his Father

U. Special Song number from the Guests

  1. Dionesio Celmar

  2. Luisa Jaducana

  3. Ellen Funesto

  4. Marichu Escober

  5. Marites Cejas

  6. Renato Gabiana

  7. Evelyn Racaza

  8. Ian Baligwat

  9. Maricel Sagayno

10.Abegail Celmar

V. Bride’s Surprise number

Message of Thanks from the newlywed

W. Special Tribute to fathers

Tibor and his daughter, Monnnika

Maricel and her dad, Dionesio

Sings “ Dance with my Father Again” Help me welcome Mrs. Marites Cejas.

Ad lib…

Evelyn: The day and this celebration have just come to an end but for our newlyweds, it is just a start of their new life together. As we go home, may this day be memorable for all of us as it to them. To personally, convey there heartfelt gratitude let us now lend our ears to Tibor and Maricel.

X. Closing Remarks

Message of Gratitude from Newlywed couple

Renato: Well I guess that’s about everything ladies and gentlemen we have finally come to the end of our program. It has a great day and wonderful afternoon to you all. Again, Thank you for all your presence. God bless and Good afternoon everyone.

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