Tyler and Natasha

Aloha and Namaste . . .

Tyler and Natasha

Our wedding date: October 13, 2012

Beloved friends and family, this site is in progress as we work out the final details of our wedding celebration.

We so hope you can find a way to this beautiful island to relax, savor the ocean and the 'aina, and celebrate with us!

We encourage you all to make your travel plans as soon as possible to avoid last-minute rate increases.

What matters most to us is that we have those who have loved and supported us most, in one place, to share a relaxing, warm celebration of love, life, and gratitude. We hope you can make it in person - if not, we know you'll be here in spirit.

Wishing you an amazing start to your summer - check back often for more details.

(PS If you don't hear music - click the PLAY button on the music player- USE the links to the left for all the info.)

Mahalo & Dhanyavaad,

Tyler and Natasha