Tony and Stacy


Tony and Stacy

Our wedding date: September 19, 2010

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Official date: 9/19/2010
2 pm
Location: The Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth

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We have been contacted by the president of Fix Funding, who had become aware of Tony's efforts to save The Ridglea Theater from demolition. The threat has been leveled that if we don't cease our public dissent of the Bank of America purchase, we might be facing a padlocked door on the morning of our wedding, regardless of our contract with the current occupants of The Ridglea.

Tony and I both feel very strongly about preserving The Ridglea Theater, and neither of us feel that making threats against us is an acceptable way to try and quell public pressure against its sale.

We would like to ask our guests to show their support for us, and for The Ridglea Theater, by bringing a chair or two with you on the big day. We face the very real possibility that we will not be allowed inside the Theater on Sept. 19th, and may have to set up outside.

In the event that The Ridglea is barred to us, we will instead convene in the rear parking lot at 2 pm, and caravan down to Trinity Park, at 2401 South University Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76109. Seating space will be at a premium, so we again would like to encourage everyone to bring a few folding chairs. Once reconvened, we will proceed with the wedding as planned.

We thank all our friends and family for being supportive, both of us and of our desire to see Fort Worth history preserved.

Thank you,
~Tony and Stacy