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Amazon waterfall
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The Amazon Rainforest

With over 2.1 million square miles of rainforest, the Amazon might seem like an intimidating area to explore. Thankfully, there are hundreds of tours to choose from if you'd like to center your South America honeymoon around this diverse, expansive area. Some tours involve walking through the canopy with a guide to point out the parrots, primates, and other wildlife. You can also choose to take a river-based tour, which will allow you a different perspective of the rainforest.

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Argentina glacier
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Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Located inside Argentina's Los Glaceries National Park, this massive glacier holds around one-third of the world's freshwater reserves. It's also very accessible to visitors from El Calafete via a two-hour bus ride. Many tour companies have begun to offer guided tours on the ice, which allows you to take your experience there to the next level.

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Salt Flats, Bolivia

Be stunned by the incredible mirror effect that occurs on the world's largest salt flats. Known as Salar de Uyuna, this area is covered in a thin layer of lithium-rich water that creates the stunning vistas. Make your visit even more unique by staying at one of the nearby hotels, many of which are built out of salt, due to the lack of other locally-available building materials.

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Macchu Pichu, Peru

Explore the 15th century Inca stronghold that was lost to history for nearly 400 years. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this stunning site is perched on the side of a mountain in the Cusco Region. Opt for a train ride from Aguas Calientes or hike along the Inca Trail, built along an original Incan road.

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Sacred Valley, Peru

A great site to pair with nearby Macchu Pichu, the Cusco region's Sacred Valley is another Incan site that's not to be missed. With several picturesque rivers and multiple archaeological sites, the Sacred Valley was once considered the heart of the Incan empire.

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Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin on this island chain located 560 miles off of Ecuador's western coast. See if you can spot iguanas, albatrosses, giant tortoises, and more as you explore one or more of the chain's 18 islands.

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Angel Falls, Venezuela

The highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls plummets 2,648 feet. While getting to the falls can be complicated, the trip is worth the trouble. Fly into the area via a chartered plane and then take a river trip to the base of the waterfall.

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Torres del Paine, Chile
Photo: Flickr user Max Bessler Jirkal

Torres del Paine, Chile

This gorgeous national park, located in southern Chile, is home to a series of mountain peaks, which rise to 2,500 meters. The park's multiple glaciers, multi-colored lakes, and abundance of hiking trails draw millions of visitors each year. Keep an eye out for local wildlife such as rheas, South Andean deer, and caracara.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Head to Rio for the beaches, the mountains, and everything in between. Brazil's second largest city, Rio de Janeiro is home to the famed Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, where you can show off your favorite swimsuit. A trip to Rio is not complete without a cable car trip to the top of imposing Sugarloaf Mountain and a visit to the Christ the Redeemer statue on Mount Corcovado.

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Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina

Located along the borders of Brazil and Argentina, Igazu Falls are the world's largest waterfall system. Walk up to the viewing area on the Brazilian site, or opt for a breathtaking helicopter ride above the falls. Bring your camera and a sense of wonder for these waterfalls that are 1/3 larger than the famed Niagara Falls!