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Fall is a beautiful season all around the U.S., but it's particularly beautiful in the Northeast.  If you and your new spouse want to plan either a honeymoon or minimoon, why not a road trip through the gorgeous fall foliage?  We've got 5 fantastic stops for you to visit along the way.

But, first, a few fall foliage basics:

1. You have to plan ahead, but the leaves may not follow your schedule.

The brilliant colors are only at their most vibrant for a couple of weeks, and unfortunately, they don't keep us apprised of their debut. Generally speaking, the first two weeks of October are a pretty solid bet. Anything later, and you might miss all the fun. Earlier will also be pretty, but you might only see a few leaves turn rather than the festive array of hues you see above.

2. Bring layers.

This type of year also has really unpredictable weather. Your best bet is to pack layers, as well as a light jacket for rain or cooler evenings.  Several of the destinations below offer excellent hiking, so if that interests you, you'll also want to bring good socks and boots.

3. This is a really quiet honeymoon.

If one or both of you prefers to eat out late at night, hit the clubs, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the big city, this is definitely not the honeymoon for you. This is best for couples that want to completely decompress from the stress of the wedding, breathe gloriously fresh air, savor meals in quaint towns, and fill their Instagram feed with hundreds of pictures of leaves.

Stowe, VT

You'll find no shortage of beautiful leaves or charm in this small Vermont town.  If you two love beer, visit during Oktoberfest for an extra special time.  Either way, make sure to spend an afternoon shopping (window or otherwise) in the sweet downtown district.

Salem, MA

As you can imagine, October is a big month for this Massachusetts town that takes Halloween very seriously.  But there is plenty of beauty to be found in Salem beyond the witchy tourist traps.  Take tours of amazing colonial era homes and farms, enjoying all the pretty scenery along the way.

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Litchfield, CT

Go early enough in the season and you can venture along the "Connecticut Barn Trail" to tour historic barns and sample the bounty of local farms.  Those looking for a little slice of small town Americana will find it here with tiny shops and tucked-away restaurants. The area surrounding Litchfield is definitely rural, and ideal for a romantic drive through the country.

Bar Harbor, ME

For the couple that wants a waterfront view with fall colors, Bar Harbor is a terrific Northeast stop.  There are plenty of ways to enjoy the scenery. Kayak along the harbor, bike through the town, or take a trip up to nearby Acadia National Park for a hike through the woods.  Oh, and eat a few lobster rolls along the way!

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Pocono Mountains, PA

Are you really crazy about autumn?  Then head directly to the Poconos for some all-encompassing fall fun.  Not only are there plenty of picturesque trails to hike on (pictured above), there is also an impressive calendar of events for the area. Carve pumpkins, learn how to make apple butter, go on haunted house tours, and ride a zip line down the mountains lit up in shades of orange and yellow.

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