Bride and groom in Seychelles for their destination wedding


Leave for vacation and come back married!  If the two of you would prefer to have an intimate, casual affair, there are few places more memorable than the Seychelles. Have a quick ceremony on the beach, or even try your hand at more adventurous locales, like underwater nuptials with snorkel gear.  There are also a wide range of resorts here, so you could also exchange your vows in a hotel garden (the plant life in the Seychelles is amazing).

Tropical Flowers

Whether your destination wedding has a large head count or it's just the two of you, it would be a shame not to include exotic flowers. So many different tropical flowers grow here. With a wide selection of orchids, hibiscus, frangipani, and bougainvillea, your local florist can create stunning pieces no matter what your budget and venue size.  One of the most popular elements for beach weddings in the Seychelles is a floral arch to act as an altar and backdrop for your photos.

White, yellow, and green wedding bouquet for a wedding in Seychelles

Sunset Ceremonies

While some couples want to get married in the sun with a vibrant aqua ocean in front of them, others might prefer a ceremony during the "golden" hour of sunset.  Make sure to time it appropriately, and think about incorporating a lot of candlelight into your decor. Particularly if you are on the beach, set up pathways for guests with hurricane lanterns or tiki torches.

Poolside Venues

Seychelles beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. However, don't overlook all the luxurious pool and patio venues at local resorts. Poolside weddings in the Seychelles can be super glam and luxurious, with well-manicured gardens in the background. Inquire with a local wedding planner about available venues for your budget and wedding size.

Adventurous Exits

As if a destination wedding in the Seychelles wasn't dramatic enough, there are plenty of ways to stage a memorable "exit" from your event. Sail away on a yacht for a chartered trip along the coastline. Take off in a helicopter tour for a bird's eye view of the beach with all your guests. Hop in the ocean for a scuba dive with a private guide.  Or just take a decorated party bus around to visit the nightlife with all of your closest friends. Whatever you do, your wedding is sure to be unforgettable!

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