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Headed to Croatia for your European honeymoon?  Make sure to visit these 5 exciting attractions during your trip!


At the center of the Dalmatian Islands is the tourist hot spot of Hvar.  You could actually be perfectly content to just sit and admire the stunning view (above), but there is also plenty of entertainment to keep you occupied. This is primarily a luxurious destination, so if you plan on staying a couple of nights, make sure to budget accordingly.  During the high season, take a nap during the day because there is no shortage of vibrant nightlife in this beautiful destination.  But also make sure to check out the different historical sites and walk along the stone alleyways during the day to get a full appreciation of this town's history.

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Plitvice Lakes National Park

Journey inland towards the Bosnian border for an otherworldly collection of lakes and waterfalls (above).  Spend your day traversing wooden pathways that stretch across and around these waterways. Due to the plant life and mineral deposits in each lake, expect to see a variety of different colors in the water.  There are accommodations near the park, so take advantage of these hotels so that you can have the most time possible experiencing these natural wonders.

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At the very tip of the southern coast of Croatia lies Dubrovnik, an impressive town guarded by stone walls.  Much like Hvar, you could spend days just wandering this city in amazement.  Fans of the show Game of Thrones will want to visit local filming locations. In addition, do make sure you walk the fortress walls (it's strenuous, so wear good shoes and pack water) and check out the Old Town district for some once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities. There are often festivals or theatre performances nearby, which you might also enjoy.

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Diocletian's Palace

Much of Diocletian's Palace surrounds the city of Split, located on the mainland north of Hvar (you can take a ferry).  This might just be the gem of Croatia with the splendor of large courtyards and charm of narrow, winding palace streets all in one place. You can certainly do this self-guided, but we think a tour is a wise idea to make sure you get the most out of this landmark. There are so many artifacts crammed into these walls, that you otherwise might miss a lot!

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Jelacic Square

If you are honeymooning in Zagreb, Croatia's capital, you are going to want to stop by Jelacic Square.  This urban hub is a delightful mix of historic and modern. You will find many different cafes to sit and people watch, as well as plenty of boutiques to shop in.  During the holiday season this center transforms into a Christmas wonderland, complete with lights and concerts.  However, it can be equally fun and festive year-round. Nearby you can rent bikes to explore the rest of the city, visit several popular museums, and stop by the Cathedral of Zagreb.

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