Is your heart set on a destination wedding in Africa?  There are so many enchanting places to get married, but we selected 6 locations that we think are pretty spectacular.  When getting married in Africa, remember that each country has its own requirements so give yourself plenty of time to prepare your documents.

Destination wedding location in Antananarivo in Africa.


The capital of Madagascar, this charming city is built into hillside ridges, dotted with colorful rooftops.  You and your guests will find plenty of things to do, from cultural activities to seaside excursions.  Because the city is large enough, you'll find a wide variety of hotels and resorts at different price points.  Antananarivo is less tourist-centric than some of the other destinations on our list. Because of this we suggest taking advantage of tour companies in the area so that you can visit the sights easily.

Romantic destination wedding spot at Victoria Falls in Africa.

Victoria Falls

Outdoorsy couples wanting a romantic backdrop for their destination wedding need look no further than Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world.  You can have a very intimate wedding by the waterfall, or you can have a larger event and then visit the stunning falls afterward. It's such a popular and picturesque destination that there are plenty of local wedding planners to help you design a ceremony and reception to fit your unique vision and needs.

Beach ceremony site in Zanzibar, Africa


If you want your destination wedding set on Africa's coastline, then consider Zanzibar for a magical ceremony.  Located off the coast of Tanzania, this island definitely caters to unforgettable, luxurious events.  Find an elegant setting at one of the many four and five star resorts, whether it be right on the beach or indoors with a magnificent ocean view.

Aerial view of Cape Town, Africa

Cape Town

You'll find a wealth of wedding planning resources in this South African metropolis. From weddings in the harbor to adventurous ceremonies on Table Mountain, Cape Town is the perfect mix of convenience and variety.  Your guests will love touring the city and perhaps even catching a soccer match while in town.

Destination wedding location in Cairo in Africa


What would a trip to Africa be without seeing the pyramids?  For many, this world-famous attraction is ideal for their once-in-a-lifetime wedding location.  Host your wedding in nearby Cairo and then take a trip out to visit this majestic landmark.  As one of the largest cities in the Middle East, Cairo is another wedding destination where you will be able to host any size wedding you would like, in a wide range of styles and budgets.

Marrakesh for a destination wedding location in Africa


Morocco's Marrkesh is arguably one of the most romantic and exotic cities on the planet. With open markets filled with spices and bright handcrafted goods, you will feel like you have stepped into another world.  Tour this amazing city with beautiful architecture and serene gardens.  The paperwork and documentation process is fairly involved for Moroccan weddings, so be sure to check embassy resources, as well as talk beforehand with your on-site wedding planner.

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