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If you're headed to a wintry locale for your honeymoon, you have to include a few ski runs on the itinerary. It doesn't matter if you've been skiing since you were a toddler or if this is your first time on the slopes: sharing the experience with your new spouse will make it a fun time. If you're new to the sport, sign up to take a class--many ski resorts offer private lessons, so you can enjoy more one-on-one time. If you've loved to ski for years, challenge your new husband or wife to a race. A little competition can be a good thing!

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Sleigh Ride

What could be more romantic than taking a ride through the woods in a horse-drawn sleigh? This is the perfect add-on to your winter honeymoon and will definitely be a standout moment from your trip. If the resort where you're staying doesn't offer these rides, ask the concierge if any local farms do. You'll feel like royalty as you snuggle with your sweetie on a magical jaunt through the snow.

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Snow Tubing

If skiing is too intimidating or you just want a break from the black diamond trails, rent a couple snow tubes and embrace your inner child. This is a great way to have fun on the slopes without a lot of equipment, and it doesn't require any lessons or prior experience! For even more bonding, see if your resort offers tandem tubes so you can ride together.

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Ice Skating

Take a spin around the rink with your new spouse! Although it might seem challenging to those who've never tried skating before, most people are able to get the hang of it within just a few minutes. If you're a more confident skater, you and your sweetheart can show off your skills as you glide gracefully hand-in-hand around the rink. Best of all, this is a romantic activity that's also cost effective, as most skate rentals are quite reasonable.

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Indoor Spa Day

After your outdoor activities, you and your spouse might need some relaxation time. Head to a local spa for a soothing spa day, where you two can recharge before going back out in the snow. Opt to try that facial you've always wanted, or sign up for the ultimate in bonding time: a couple's massage.

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Dog Sledding

Some winter destinations will offer this unique activity where you can get up close and personal with sledding dogs. Learn about their daily routine and what goes into caring for a pack. Then, try your hand at steering your own sled. It might not be the Iditarod, but it will be an experience that you and your honey will never forget!

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Wine or Beer Tasting

Local craft breweries and wineries are all the rage right now with traveling foodies, and they're a great way to get to know a region. See if there are tastings and/or tours offered at the local breweries and wineries, and you'll have a great (and warm!) activity to try on your winter honeymoon. Many also offer on-site dining, so make a full afternoon of your experience with a locally-sourced meal.

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Snowshoe Nature Tour

Savor the beauty of your winter honeymoon destination with a leisurely snowshoe nature tour. Led by an experienced guide from your ski resort, these walks are good for beginning snowshoers since they are fairly short and move at a slower pace. Plus, you'll be able to see some of the wildlife that inhabits the area where you're vacationing; depending on the region, you might see foxes, owls, beavers, and rabbits.

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Snow Sledding

Another fun alternative to skiing, snow sledding is a close cousin to snow tubing. It requires very little equipment (just rent a sled from the local sports shop) and no prior experience. Take turns pulling one another across fresh snow, or make it a bit more challenging as you race down hills. It's a great workout, and you'll have a blast.