The bride and groom embrace each other as they pose out in an open field.

When I first heard about Alex and Lisa, it was right after their 25th wedding. That's right. You heard me. 25th. Currently, they are gearing up for their 34th ceremony, to be held in the Bahamas.

Their unique love story now spans continents as they travel the world participating in each area's unique wedding customs. Once their journey is complete (which is all done in their van, the trusted "Peggy"), they will pick their favorite wedding destination and go back for an all-out bash. Btw, if you would like to attend what is sure to be an amazing event, enter to win a trip to their final destination wedding with a donation to UNICEF on their website.

Alex and Lisa share intimate moments together in the various countries they've visited.

With every place they visit, Alex and Lisa try to immerse themselves in the local culture as much as possible. In Argentina, they danced the tango in the city streets. In Panama, they were married alongside a river by the Emera tribe. Whether it be a drive-thru chapel in Las Vegas, standing on the rainy sidewalk in front of Seattle's Pike Place Market, or the wreckage of a crashed plane in Costa Rica, each wedding has been different from the last. During their adventures, Lisa remarks, "We have been incredibly lucky to have met some of the kindest people in the world and to now be able to call them friends for life!"

Alex and Lisa hold hands as they wear traditional clothes alongside boats on the beach.

When they visited Colorado for their 25th wedding, they stayed at Devil's Thumb Ranch for some much-needed relaxation, and then ziplined to their ceremony. This unique experience would end up being one of their favorite U.S. destinations with its "simplicity and beauty of the natural surroundings."

Soon, Alex and Lisa will be off to Australia for the last leg of this impressive tour. But first, there are many more destinations to hit along the way. For more information on all of their weddings, both past and future, visit: 2people1life and Thirty Weddings.

And be sure to check out this gorgeous video shot by Revert Photo:

2people1life | Alex + Lisa from Revert Photo on Vimeo.

Photo Credits:

Top: Revert Photo (Colorado)

Middle, left: Emiliano Rodriguez (Argentina)

Middle, right: Megan Finley (Las Vegas)

Bottom: Gardner Hamilton (Chile)

Vendor Credits for Colorado:

Officiant: Matt Raynak of Rocky Mountain Wedding Services

Venue: Devil's Thumb Ranch

Flowers: Sarah Tedford of Ladybird Poppy Floral Design,

Wedding Gown: Maggie Burns of Marie-Margot Couture

Planner: Brit Tucker Stewart of Brit Stewart Weddings

Photographer: Catherine Rhodes Photography

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