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My fiancé and I are both in our mid-thirties. Between the two of us, we have everything we need for our home, but would love to take a long honeymoon. I saw an online honeymoon registry and was intrigued.  Are these acceptable alternatives to traditional registries?—Tionna, Reno, NV

A relatively new type of gift registry, the honeymoon registry is perfect for the couple that already has all of the usual housekeeping accoutrements.  The jury is still out on how “polite” these types of registries are.  Many consider them little more than just asking for money.  One feature of these types of registry is that your guests can pick between different gifts, rather than just donating to a general fund (ex: tickets for two to a Broadway play or scuba diving lessons).

I think that honeymoon registries are a great idea, but do need to be handled in a tactful manner.  You should also register for a more traditional gift registry, so that when guests inquire to your family and friends where you are registered, they have different options.  Also, remember that just like you would need to be specific in your thank you notes when you receive a traditional wedding gift, you need to provide the same level of detail to a thank you note for a honeymoon gift.  For example, “Aunt Bertha, Thank you so much for the scuba lessons! It was such an amazing experience,” not, “Aunt Bertha, Thank you for the honeymoon money.”