Huts in Bora Bora. Palm trees and volcano in background.

It's hard to believe that the island of Bora Bora is a mere one hour from Tahiti. That's because Bora Bora is such a remote, untouched paradise that it feels much farther from civilization than a mere 60 minutes (a term we use loosely since Tahiti isn't exactly the most urban center). In other words, it is no wonder that Bora Bora is the ultimate spot for the just-married set. 

Don't Disturb bungalows

It is said that Tahiti invented over-water bungalow. These thatched roof abodes, perched above the clearest blue lagoons, may look quaint on the outside but step inside (or brides, get carried over the threshold), and you'll find the most luxurious, five-star suites that look out to the sea on three sides and have glass-enclosed floors so you can spy fish swimming beneath. Just about every resort on Bora Bora offers these amazing feats of architecture, especially the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa. With just 80 bungalows, it also ranks as one of the leading small hotels of the world.

Secluded beaches

Life's a beach, quite literally, on Bora Bora where pristine sand meets turquoise water and some days you don't see another soul at all. And this just describes what you'll experience at your resort. But for the ultimate refuge, Bora Bora can accommodate the most romantic escape imaginable– a day on a private motu, or private island, that can only be reached by canoe. One of the most popular activities for destination wedding participants or honeymooners, this jaunt includes a picnic and Champagne (Bora Bora does retain its French influence!). Skinny-dipping suggested but not included.

Like a mermaid

But it is the crystal clear blue lagoons of Bora Bora that make this isle famous. Not only is it beautiful to look at and refreshing to swim in, the water here is rich in sea life that is available for your viewing. Even if you don't dive, a short canoe trip away from your bungalow lies coral gardens filled with a rainbow of fish for your viewing. And for the more daring, there's even the opportunity to swim with and feed schools of sting rays or (peaceful!) sharks. And if these excursions are a little too daring, you can always stay on land and sunbath near the infinity pool, like the one at the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, that overlook the lagoon.

Set sail

Or treat the lagoon as your playground and sign up for a variety of water-based activities, day or night. For the athletic, there are water skis or jet skiis to rent and parasails to fly. There are also guided tours on the Polynesian signature outrigger canoe or a catamaran sailboat at dusk. There's nothing as romantic as a sunset cruise in Bora Bora.


A trip to Bora Bora is simply not complete without a visit to one of its hotel spas. Polynesian bodywork, called taurimi, is near out-of-body experience that can only happen on a visit to the South Pacific. French Polynesia is also famous for the rare essential oils and fruits that are just made for rejuvenating the skin. Treatments that include items like monoi oil – a mix of coconut oil and Tahitian gardenia fragrances are so recuperative you'll want to bring it home by the gallons. And did we mention the seductive couples massages available as well? The Manea Spa on the grounds of the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa has all these services and more as well as a fully equipped fitness room on Motu Tevairoa.

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