easter island

A World Heritage UNESCO site, Easter Island is still the most isolated island in the world. So for couples who want to have a destination wedding unlike any other, look no further. Once called "The Center of the World" by 6th century inhabitants who had no contact with the outside world for 1000 years, the seclusion of centuries past and its continued remoteness compound its mystical and majestic attributes, making it one of the South Pacific's most unique destination wedding spots.

Besides, it's no wonder that its ancient inhabitants wouldn't want to leave. From the pink sand beaches of Ovahe to the volcanic hand-carved Moai statues that are scattered throughout the island, half of this Polynesian paradise is protected Rapa Nui National Park which means rolling natural beauty like you've never witnessed before.

Popular Wedding Spot on Easter Island

Anakena Beach Wedding: Perhaps the most popular venue on the island isn't a venue at all; it's the beach. And since there is only one village on the entire island (did we mention this is the most isolated place in the world?), you will be hard-pressed to find caterers and the like without the help of a hotel or a wedding service like Easter Island Spirit. But what you lose in bells and whistles will be made up for with unique backdrops like the original Moai statues at sunset while you exchange vows in front of a small crowd or just a couple of witnesses.

Marriage Requirements for Easter Island, Chile

To get married in Chile, you will first need to book a ceremony at the island's Civil Registry. Then, after you have formally entered into a civil union, it is customary for destination weddings to be followed by a traditional Rapa Nui ceremony at your reception site of choice. This usually includes music and dancing by an island group and a ceremonial meal cooked in an underground oven (umu). Prices start from US$1500 for the authentic post-union ceremony.

Legally, all weddings performed on Easter Island fall under Chilean law, and while open to people of all nationalities, you will still have to legalize your wedding certificate with the United States Embassy in Chile before returning home. This usually includes a several-day stay in Santiago after the wedding (which is a great honeymoon destination anyway!)

Required Documents to Apply for a Chilean Marriage License:

-Valid U.S Passport
-A copy of both birth certificates
- Death or divorce decree if applicable

Fees: The authentication fee for the marriage certificate is US$50.00 per document.

Tip to Avoid Pre-Wedding Headache: It is very confusing to get married here since there is not that much information available. To make sure you handle all of the wedding prerequisites, it may be worth it to hire an attorney to assist you or rely on a marriage service in the area to handle everything.

Basic Easter Island Need to Know Info

Currency: The Chilean Peso

Language: Spanish is the official language of Chile, but Rapa Nui, a Polynesian language closely related to Tahitian, is spoken widely as well.