Natural island beauty that lulls you into a state of relaxation, St. Kitts and Nevis aren't concerned with showboating like other glitzy Caribbean isles instead, it is a destination wedding delight committed to keeping over a quarter of its landscape as a national park.

Portions of this two-island nation seem untouched by human hands and, in fact, the rainforest here is actually thriving in size instead of shrinking. From hiking through the Valley of Giants to zip lining over a rainforest inhabited with indigenous animals like monkeys and mongoose, a destination wedding here gives any couple lush outdoor acreage in one of the most pristine portions of Caribbean bliss.

How to Choose a Destination Wedding Location in St. Kitts

Whether you choose St. Kitts' capital city of Basseterre or the gorgeous seascape of Frigate Bay as your staging point, couples will quickly realize they have many incredible options. The St. Kitts Marriott and Royal Beach Casino is the number one ranked hotel on the island and has reasonable wedding packages. With six different ceremony and reception locations ranging from an ocean view terrace to a royal ballroom, the world (or this hotel) really is your oyster.

Spice Mill Restaurant in Basseterre is another option which rounds out the top three best restaurants on the island. Its beach views and bohemian beach decor make this reception site a winner that affords privacy for your entire group.

The smaller and less crowded island of this duo, Nevis, has places like Pinney's Beach, the longest stretch of white sand on the island for weddings, or resorts like the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club that are perfect for a small affair.

Marriage Requirements in St. Kitts

St. Kitts is one of the few Caribbean destination wedding locations that minimizes red tape for those who choose it as their DW spot. Happy to host your dream wedding, a St. Kitts affair has no residency requirement or blood test. Instead, you simply have to have your documents organized when you show up to apply for your marriage license.

Required Documents:

- A valid passport/photo ID
- Original or certified copy of birth certificate
- Affidavit confirming single status, divorce decree, or death decree (if applicable)


The license fee is $200.00 XCD (Eastern Caribbean Dollar), which is about $75 USD. Keep in mind that the Justice of the Peace may also charge a fee for marrying you so check with the rates when working the budget.

Best Time to Wed

St. Kitts and Nevis have a high season from December to early April. Their winter Carnival is a big draw and as a result rates can be very high. The low season is the rainy season, but rates are much more affordable from July through November. The sweet spot? Book a wedding in the months of May or June. Hotels offer cheaper rates before the impending off-season.