Looking for a location for your beach destination wedding? Consider Cozumel!  This Mexican island features beautiful expanses of white sand beaches and clear aqua water.  Plus, it's relatively easy travel distance from the U.S. with a wide variety of accommodations and all the creature comforts one might need!  Here are a few ideas to consider for your Cozumel destination wedding.

Have we mentioned the beach?  It's the number one reason couples get married here.  And with so many resort properties to choose from, you can have a sand-and-surf wedding for just the two of you, or 500 of your closest friends.  When researching resorts, find out all the venues they have available. Even though you might love the idea of getting married with your bare toes sinking into the sand, you might decide that a veranda wedding is better suited to your needs.

Cozumel does have several all-inclusive resorts which are ideal for the couple not wanting to put a lot of time into planning, but rather on having fun in Mexico! Most have on-site wedding planners and simple event packages for every budget.


Want to take your beach wedding underwater?  Because of the large coral reefs, scuba weddings are very popular in Cozumel. Perfect for the couple wanting something more adventurous, there are also plenty of photographers nearby that are experienced in these unique weddings.

Love the beach, but want to get married elsewhere?  Many of the more luxurious resorts have multiple locations for their events that don't involve getting sand in your shoes.  But if that's not quite the right venue for you either, check into local restaurants. This area is renowned for their amazing seafood and top-shelf tequila tastings.


Many couples are interested in getting married at one of the nearby ruins. Although you can't get married inside the ruins, you could certainly arrange a trip after the wedding for you and your guests to visit.  We recommend hiring an event planner to help you take care of all of your wedding events to ensure they run smoothly.  Even though the marriage requirements are straightforward and simple, it's always nice to have someone local when you are planning an important event long distance.

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