“Forget the shoes, I’m doing it island- style!”

- Lotte & Henrik

A couple of days ago we celebrated the beautiful union of a lovely couple that tossed their ‘Sko’, straight from the Norway to Mauritius.

Wedding day pampering with some bubbly in hand!

Set in our Angsana beauty parlour the bride was taken care of by our spa staff. As the bride sat back and relaxed sipping on her glass of sparkling wine, she enjoyed some proper TLC.


And as she walked in all eyes were on her

“...For you the sun will be shining, Cause I feel that when I’m with you...” as Eva Cassidy was playing in the background the bride gleamingly appeared beautiful as ever wearing a lace wedding dress with cutout back. Simple but yet so chic and appropriate for the beach wedding.

A couple of metres away the groom watched from under the arch as a gust of wind delicately lifted the wedding dress trail, like a scene straight from the movies. At that instant, just one thought could be read through the grooms eyes, “She’s PERFECT”.


Chef Suardi and the team made sure the newlyweds had something nice cooked up for an “under the stars” honeymoon dinner.


“You may now kiss the bride”

The ceremony lasted a short and sweet 40 minutes but the festivities continued well into the night. The happily married couple was treated to a romantic couple’s signature massage and a candlelit dinner on the beach, setting themselves off onto the path of wedded bliss.